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simplyCT Feature Summary

  • Dynamic and customized rich IVR flow
  • Auto Dialers (Predictive, Preview, Power &Progressive Dialer
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) System
  • Campaign Management
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Call List Imports
  • Toll Free Number Provisioning
  • Call Monitoring
  • ANI (Automatic Number Identification)
  • Call Recording
  • SalesForce Integration
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Business processes (queue) view and drill-in to performance
  • Live monitoring of agent status and interactions in progress
  • Skill based routing, Idle time routing
  • Chat Support
  • Call Queue Management
  • Web Call Back
  • Text-to-Speech Conversion
  • Email, Fax, Social Feeds support

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simplyCT Feature Reviews

3 reviewers had the following to say about simplyCT's features:

Abraham Gillinta

simplyCT- Multi Communication Call Center with True Real Time Monitoring


Their systems offer much more than just calls handling, the multi communications channels offered by SimplyCT allows customers to interact with my agents in more ways than just calling in, this increases substantially the volume of the help tickets my agents can handle on a daily basis.


Main pro for Supervisors; a real time supervision dashboard that supplies insight into what is going on with the agents: stating call volume for the day, work load, calls duration, pending calls.


Would also like to see wallboard statistics on an iPad device.

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Erica Marrero

SimplyCT is the #1 Call Center Software in my book!!


They win all around in customer service, efficiency, voice quality, real-time supervision, and synchronization with current business solutions.


I can monitor both employees and campaigns in real-time.


There are no cons. Seriously! The SimplyCT team is superior in customer service and does everything and anything they can to accommodate my business structure!

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Victor Abreu

Excellent software and very pleasant service


Great, i give them a 5 stars!!!


Is easy to use, is very easy to install, we don't need an extra soft phone, we believe that this is a very important feature and we love it, the price is right and the team from tech support is amazing, it doesn't matter what you need they will make it happen


Cannot use Google Chrome on it

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