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Zoho Assist use case: Thomas Allison

Thomas Allison

Verified Reviewer  
26th of July, 2016
Just about the worst support software I have ever had the misfortune of using

Based in a rural location, I have been providing technical support to my clients for over 10 years now. Having initially used pCAnywhere, I quickly switched to a SaaS solution from Citrix which worked tremendously well at a price and offered fantastic features. I begun to investigate alternatives some 3 years ago and came across the Zoho offering and registered as a Beta user on the understanding that the software may be problematic. It was fantastic and so when the Beta test finished I subscribed to their offering. Since then things have gone downhill from the deletion of all my unattended machines (with the embarrassment of asking clients to help me reinstall the software). I am currently experiencing a whole range of issues that affect about 50% of all my remote sessions; as a small business this is a disaster - I am unable to provide satisfactory service to my customers which is compromising my reputation. To be fair, they do fix issues when I complain, but it is often "we found some issue and moved you onto another server..." and then more issues crop-up.

What do you like best?

Inexpensive, Reasonable Customer support Attended system is okay

What do you dislike?

Keyboard on iPad pro does not work (on screen keyboard does) Was advised to stop using Chrome extension (which I liked) and use the desktop app instead. The desktop app is about as stable as Homer Simpson after a donut and beer binge. Desktop app require frequent restarting. Sessions abruptly finish and impossible to reconnect without asking client to reboot their machine (and this does not always work). Unattended component is diabolical

What is your main use case with Zoho Assist?

Technical support provision

Give one example how Zoho Assist has improved the way your organization functions

Unfortunately, it has not.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Zoho Assist

Do not use to provide support on mission critical systems for clients. If it is only for family and friends you are likely to provide support to (or to IT savvy clients who do not require unattended support) then Zoho is fine. Otherwise I strongly advise you to look at alternatives which I am now doing.

Time used

2+ years

Frequency of use


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Value for money
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Customer support