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Reviews and ratings management

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Reevoo is a customer reviews and ratings management solution, allowing you to collect, manage and respond to reviews and ratings online.

Reevoo offers customers the chance to leave reviews not only about products but also about customer experience. In addition, Reevoo's dashboard will automatically notify you about any negative reviews received to allow you the chance to respond promptly.

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Online review generation and management platform

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ReviewZilla is a web-based platform that helps businesses with online review generation, monitoring, and sharing.

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Online review collection for companies and their products

learn more is a review collection tool for companies to collect merchant (company) & product reviews from genuine customers, then share these on Google

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Feedback collection and management software

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SatisFactory is a customer feedback collection and management software for French businesses. The intuitive and customizable tool allows businesses to create and send surveys for evaluating the quality of the services they provide, in order to guage and improve customer satisfaction.

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Senter - keep customers at the centre of your business!

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Senter is the worlds leading Review Management and SMS marketing platform which helps acquire you more reviews and ratings, which improves your local SEO rank.

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Cloud-based customer engagement application

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SimpleFeedback is a SaaS feedback management system that provides a service for websites, WordPress blogs, and iOS (iPhone) apps to collect customer feedback. It provides the code to add a customizable feedback button or feedback widget and feedback form to your site, blog, or app.

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Review management solution for WooCommerce

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Sparrow is a review management software that helps businesses optimize organic ratings, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more across WooCommerce online stores. The activity dashboard enables supervisors to gain visibility into daily and weekly reviews and average ratings.

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Reputation management software for the hospitality industry

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SpotOn enables hospitality businesses to request and manage review from customers. The platform advancingly operates on existing networks and gathers valuable insights to improve guest relationships. Entrepreneurs can connect with customers and receive more positive reviews.

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Guest WiFi management system for hospitality businesses

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Stampede is a customer management system that helps businesses in the hospitality sector retain existing or new customers via gift cards, guest Wi-Fi networks, marketing tools, and more. It provides a data capture module, which lets administrators automatically capture customer data in compliance with GDPR, request client preferences on food via a white-labeled portal, and create mailing lists for email marketing purposes.

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Making Survey Analysis Simple & Affordable

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Surveyi2i is cloud based survey analytics application which enables you to derive and share actionable insights from survey data. It has inbuilt text processing capabilities. It also has business productivity accessories like 'Push to PPT', 'Web Dashboard' and 'Automated Trackers'.

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The IdeaWall


Forum-based customer feedback collection & prioritization

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The IdeaWall is a customer feedback management product which enables businesses to capture, manage, and prioritize customers' inputs via community discussions and votes

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