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BlueSpice logo

Secure, organize and efficiently optimize your corporate doc

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Create a central, always up-to-date, and accessible access point for all employees - no matter when or where. Extendable, data protection compliant, and open source.

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ServicePRO logo

Enterprise Service Desk Request Software that delivers ROI

learn more
ServicePRO® is an enterprise service desk software that improves customer service by automating the entire service request cycle.

ServicePRO® is available as a cloud-hosted solution as well as an on-premise installation.

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Electric AI logo

IT management software for managed software providers (MSP)

learn more
Electric is an IT management software designed to help businesses monitor network security and manage applications, operating systems, databases, and more. It allows IT teams to automate provisioning and de-provisioning of devices, monitor network inventories, launch upgrades, and review policies.

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IncidentMonitor logo

Service desk software with self-service web portal support

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IncidentMonitor is an on-premise or cloud-based help and service desk solution, delivering process management, support ticketing and self-service web portals

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FuseDesk logo

Help Desk, Support Ticketing, and Messaging Platform

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FuseDesk is your Help Desk, Messaging Platform, and Support Ticketing System empowering your team to win more raving fans with the only helpdesk you'll ever need. FuseDesk is an easy to use customer service platform for channels like email, ticketing, live chat, FaceBook Messenger, SMS, and more!

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inConcert Contact Center logo

Make Contact. Do Business.

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inConcert Contact Center allows businesses to reach their customers through any channel, including voice and video calls, email, live chat, SMS/text messaging, social networks, WhatsApp, and more. The software aims to provide an outstanding experience and transform every customer interaction.

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Neoforce logo

Streamline Teamwork & Customer Service with Neoforce

learn more
Neoforce is a versatile platform available both in the cloud and on-premise. It provides a suite of flexible modules like ITSM, FMIS, asset and contract management, CRM, and a customizable client portal. Accessible on any device, Neoforce streamlines cooperation and delivers exceptional service.

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AIhelp  logo

BEST In-App Messaging & Operations for AI Customer Support

learn more
AIhelp is a customizable in-app customer support & SDK messaging tool with AI chatbot, designed to help businesses meet customer requirements and satisfaction

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Zammad logo

Open source helpdesk and ticketing solution

learn more
Zammad is a help desk software. It is an open source solution designed for small and medium-sized companies. Zammad offers functionalities for customer service teams to manage and track customer requests.

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Users also considered logo

provide best customer service

learn more is a powerful software designed to provide a faster and better experience for your customers. It automates the Omnichannel customer experience and will help you increase customer retention and sales.

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Infraon ITSM logo

ITSM software

learn more
Infraon ITSM, a pink elephant-certified platform, helps businesses streamline and expedite the IT service management lifecycle. It offers a proprietary AI bot that intelligently addresses user queries and requests, resembling human interaction and simultaneously acts as a real-time knowledge base.

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AppBase DCM & BPM Platform logo

AI supported low-code platform for case management solutions

learn more
Eccentex delivers next-generation dynamic case management and business process automation solutions that are enhanced by Eccentex AI Services to help brands and government entities achieve results quickly and easily.

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Bonder logo

Instant Support

learn more
Bonder is a web-based after-sales/customer support solution that helps your customers, partners and employees where it matters most: at the product.

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Alcea Helpdesk logo

Help desk platform for customer support

learn more
Alcea Helpdesk is an enterprise customer service platform that allows businesses to manage customer support, interactions, case notes, and documents from within a centralized system.

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IBI-aws logo

Service desk user information system

learn more
IBI-aws is a knowledge search system that centralizes customer information in your service desk and makes it usable in a secure environment. Users can compare external customer contacts with the corresponding company data and thus answer specific inquiries directly. With IBI-aws, queries can be extended to advanced search to see what customers have used or to show what they need.

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NestDesk logo

Customer engagement and service management solution

learn more
NestDesk is the affordable customer service solution for Shopify stores of all sizes to close sales from every conversation. NestDesk works as both a support tool and a sales engine, bringing all customer data and order actions together in one place for quick and personalized assistance.

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EvantoDesk logo

Help desk software for small & medium businesses

learn more
EvantoDesk is simple help desk software and simple customer service software specifically for SMBs

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MSM logo

Be proactive with our data-driven AI augmented ITSM solution

learn more
Our data-driven enterprise service management solution uses Data Lakehouse technology integrated with AI, RPA and ML technologies to automatically predict incidents and rapidly resolve them before they adversely affect the business.

Read more about MSM

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SimplyDesk logo

When customer support becomes child’s play !

learn more
SimplyDesk is a complete, customizable and powerful Helpdesk, ITAM and Movable Asset Management software characterized by its simplicity and very responsive support.

The solution is available in both SAAS and On Premise mode.

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KronoDesk logo

Powerful help desk & service management software

learn more
KronoDesk is a cloud-based and on-premise integrated customer support system that includes help desk ticketing, customer support forums and an online knowledge base in a single user interface. Designed specifically for software support teams, KronoDesk feeds the application lifecycle from end-to-end

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Octadesk logo

A system that automates communication for sales teams

learn more
Octadesk is a smart tool available in Portuguese for the Brazilian market that enhances communication in sales and service teams. It allows the company to adopt chatbots on multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and website chat, to serve customers anytime with a high standard of quality.

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iBusiness Suite ERP logo

ERP for manufacturing, retail, education, service verticals.

learn more
iBusiness Suite ERP by INI Technologies is an enterprise resource planning solution that's specifically designed for manufacturing companies, retail shops, educational institutions, service companies, and wholesale traders.

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Gnatta logo

Customer engagement tool for omnichannel communication

learn more
Gnatta is a customer engagement software designed to help businesses of all sizes manage client communications across multiple channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, and more on a centralized platform. Administrators can sort conversations based on date or time.

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Task, project, data and document management platform

learn more
ENSPACE is a software tool that caters to businesses across a range of industries. With a wide array of features, such as data management, project management, workflow automation, financial management, and task management, ENSPACE is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize business processes.

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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP logo

Web-based IT service management software

learn more
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a web-based IT service management software designed to help businesses handle help desk, reporting, service catalogs, asset tracking, and other operations from within a unified platform.

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