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Pardon the pun in the title, but after struggling with many different Service Desk/Helpdesk/CRM systems in the past, it really is a true statement! Unlike it's competitors, Oxygen doesn't come pre-configured with a certain workflow or process in mind, such as current industry favourite ITIL. This in itself is an excellent way to start as you are given a product that you can adapt to suit your processes, rather than having to change your processes to adapt around a product that is already taking you down a certain route before you start. As a product, Oxygen is so much more than a Service Desk tool - it is a business workflow platform. From small beginnings as a tool for my Service Desk team, I have now rolled it out to several other departments within the business as a whole, giving them each a custom view and a custom set of workflows that compliment those of other teams. The flexibility of the product allows me the space to create a process around customer needs and to be confident that I can configure Oxygen around this process using the intuitive interfaces. The support team behind the product are highly knowledgeable and very passionate about what they do, which is encouraging to see, but they are also open to ideas and will be willing to listen to any ideas for feature requests that may crop up. To summarise, after using several other systems during my career, I have never encountered a product, in this particular market space, that is so flexible and adaptable. We have only just started exploring the full potential of this tool and all it's users are already impressed. In short, I cannot recommend this product highly enough!

Mark Edwards, Service Desk Manager

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