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Daxium-Air overview

What is Daxium-Air?

Daxium-Air is a web-mobile solution that organizes operational exchanges with field teams on a single platform and allows managers to make fast and documented decisions safely.

This ultra-customizable platform also allows customers to create their own applications to cover the multiple specific needs of their services.


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Very good
Value for money
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Customer support
Yannick V.

Application web & mobile fantastique !

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2021-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

respect des precess, zero papier, envoi automatique de comptes-rendus PDF, saisie rapide sur le terrain depuis les smartphones, visibilité centralisée des données des employés exterieurs

Très personnalisable à nos besoins, l'application SaaS & mobile a été déployée dans des délais records dans notre société.

peu de choses. très bon logiciel intuitif

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Daxium-Air features

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Activity Dashboard
Applications Management
Change Management
Collaboration Tools
Customizable Templates
Data Import/Export
Deployment Management
Drag & Drop
Graphical User Interface
Mobile Development
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Custom Development (46 other apps)

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Key features of Daxium-Air

  • A running list of action items and their respective status
  • A set of guidelines regarding different business scenarios
  • A visual way of interacting with a computer using items such as windows, icons, and menus, used by most modern operating systems
  • A website and login for stakeholders to access information
  • Ability to handle large datasets
  • Ability to work collectively on a project while communicating and sharing information within the system in real time
  • Access the software remotely via mobile devices
  • Access/operate the system via mobile application
  • Add customized logos and colors to the interface
  • Alerts/notifications within the system
  • Allow users to access multiple services after entering their login credentials once
  • Allows for integration with other systems/databases
  • Alter the layout and content of reports
  • An electronic record of patients, clinical documentation, created and stored digitally
  • Assemble applications and processes by dragging over and arranging pre-built components
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as filling out information or creating certain types of forms
  • Automated alerts to upcoming appointments
  • Business with more than one location/store
  • Centralized database of stakeholders and their contact information
  • Centralized database to track details of fixed assets such as depreciation and maintenance scheduling/history
  • Collaborate on creating a product by sharing and adjusting designs through a shared portal
  • Collect, upload, store, and share all documents in a centralized location making it easier for everyone involved to access information
  • Collecting and analyzing feedback/reactions from end-users
  • Conceptual model of how data items relate to each other
  • Create a new work order
  • Create and design new forms from scratch using templates and design tools, or scan and convert existing forms into the system
  • Create and store comments and/or choose from pre-added comments in the system
  • Create designs using pre-built templates or customize them with flowcharts, mindmaps, wireframes, network diagrams and org charts
  • Create estimates for repairs to send to customers
  • Create quotes/proposals and maintain a central repository of previous quotes
  • Create tasks and assign completion dates and/or times
  • Create unique categories of information to embed within your communications
  • Create work orders and track their status to completion
  • Create, design, and visually represent processes within the software
  • Create, document, and monitor safety policies and procedures in industrial plants and factories
  • Create, manage and provide access to prototypes used in the games.
  • Create, manage, and share multiple calendars
  • Create, save, and re-purpose formatting
  • Create, save, and re-purpose formatting for emails, forms, and other campaign elements
  • Create, save, and store files
  • Create/edit commerce applications for mobile devices and/or web
  • Creating, updating, monitoring accuracy, and ensuring brand consistency for all written materials that are distributed to stakeholders.
  • Customize your contracts and forms so customer's become associated with your brand
  • Dashboard to view activity
  • Detect and remove errors
  • Determine/verify the signature (who signed it)
  • Development of applications for mobile devices
  • Development of applications that are delivered over the internet through a browser
  • Development of software programs
  • Document use of hazardous materials and procedures related to their handling and disposal
  • Download applications that can be internally saved
  • Drag and drop/visual interfaces that allow non-tech users to build without writing code
  • Efficient and effective use of an organization's human capital
  • Encryption secures data associated with a signed document and helps verify the authenticity of a signed record
  • Expected cost based on factors before a project begins
  • Graphical representation of the data
  • Identify and respond to unexpected problems or failures (ie. "negative events")
  • Identify and track items using barcode tags or RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags that contain electronically-stored data
  • Identify, evaluate, mitigate, and report on risk
  • Identify, resolve and restore unplanned service failures/disruptions or injuries
  • Identifying critical tasks that make up a project and assigning start and end dates for each
  • Import and export information and reports to and from the program
  • Improve business process by accessing more features and applications by combining third party integrations
  • Informational updates that are delivered to users as soon as an event occurs
  • Initiate collection and analysis of key information pertaining to enterprise risk
  • Inspection/examination of the condition of a residential property or home
  • Integrate with a third party accounting system
  • Integrate with your customer relationship management software to better connect all aspects of your business, especially your customers
  • Interact with data visualization elements, such as charts and graphs, to drill down into data
  • Investigate and take action at root cause or error in products/processes to prevent recurrence of the same error
  • Leave comments and notes on documents that are visible to others
  • Log and record hours worked and costs spent to assist in billing and invoicing
  • Manage all job information in one place
  • Manage assets throughout their lifecycle to optimize profit
  • Manage cases of on-the-job injuries and related remedies
  • Manage relationships with customers and address customer concerns while tracking previous interactions
  • Manage sending personnel and resources to a site as needed
  • Manage the processes involved when making the application ready for use
  • Manage the rescheduling of appointments
  • Measure time to completion or hours worked
  • Measurement and reporting of task milestones
  • Metrics to analyze potential issues that could negatively impact organization
  • Monitor and track project related activities based on various metrics
  • Monitor assets (i.e. equipment, tools, software, hardware, etc.) lifecycle and usage from acquisition to retirement
  • Monitor product stock levels
  • Monitor the movement and quantities of inventory items
  • Monitor the position or progress of tasks or projects from start to finish
  • Notices sent to individuals when a task, deadline, appointment, or activity is approaching
  • Organize and schedule tasks and set project goals
  • Organize, store and distribute forms and form templates in a centralized location
  • Plan and coordinate all the resources, costs and time needed to execute assignments
  • Plan availability and assign specific time slots for tasks and resources
  • Plan, schedule, and execute organization's accounts and assets to ensure they all comply with policies, laws, and requirements.
  • Planned maintenance based on time or event-based triggers
  • Planning out the structure and duration of repetitive intervals of time dedicated to specific tasks during the development cycle
  • Premade examples and templates for emails
  • Preview how the app will display on multiple device types and operating systems
  • Process images and automatically scan for data
  • Receive information and notification of changes as soon as they are available
  • Regulate who can view and use the system by setting permissions and issuing passwords
  • Reporting on changes over time to the state of a request, a process, or an object
  • Reporting on how each task or process has advanced since its initiation
  • Sample files or documents that could be customized as needed or used as is
  • Sample of reports that could be customized as needed or used as is
  • Schedule and manage the logistics of activities and other gatherings
  • Schedule predetermined or ad hoc maintenance services and labor requests
  • Schedule repeating appointments based on a duration of time
  • Schedule, change or cancel appointments
  • Search available resources to locate required information
  • Searchable repository of information about clients
  • Sign a document within the system
  • Specialty inspections for commercial buildings/properties and systems such as HVAC, electrical, roofing and building structure, etc.
  • Store and access documents, forms, and photos in one centralized place
  • Store documents in a centralized location for easy access
  • Summarize findings and add the information to the beginning or end of reports
  • Supports XP, Adaptive Project Framework, Kanban, and Scrum
  • Sync important data to your mobile devices to use the software and its features without internet access
  • Take, upload, and/or edit photos in a system (i.e. rotate, add lines/shapes, captions, etc.)
  • Templates for common app use cases
  • The ability to manual sketch/createa a diagram
  • The ability to scan barcodes to ensure accurate pricing and label tracking
  • Track and manage non-adherence to policies in a service, product, process, or supplier behavior
  • Track and manage the applications of potential future members
  • Track and manage the quantity of resources on hand to maintain proper supply
  • Track and monitor efficient handling of all changes/transitions
  • Track and oversee work orders assigned to technicians
  • Track and store information regarding failed inspections
  • Track employee's progression through training programs
  • Track system's health and performance continuously with information and updates being available instantly at any point in time
  • Track the amount of time spent on a job or task
  • Track the location of specific equipment at all times
  • Track work performed and resources used for past customers, sites, or assets
  • Track, manage, control and monitor worksite inspections to remain compliant with industry standards
  • Track/log the amount of time employees worked per job
  • Tracks all change orders submitted across projects and updates the budget to reflect the most recent costs.
  • Tracks employee schedules, availability, performance
  • Use visual elements such us pre-built blocks and/or shapes to assemble a model or design
  • View and track pertinent metrics
  • View team, job, equipment and vehicles locations on a map
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1. DAXIUM drastically and safely improves the quality of operational data exchanges between field teams and head office.
2. DAXIUM is also a decision support platform for field players and managers.
3. DAXIUMallows you to create your own application library (apps factory).