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Harness overview

What is Harness?

Harness Continuous Delivery is a cloud-based and on-premise Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service (CDaaS) platform that helps DevOps engineers automate software deployment, testing, and rollback of code in production. It provides blue or green, canary, rolling, and multi-service templates, facilitating the creation of CD pipelines.

The application leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to auto-detect performance and quality regression for canary deployments and rollback to previous versions. Software engineers can build pipeline templates as code using YAML and utilize webhooks to trigger deployments across environments. Supervisors can also handle self-service deployments and set up role-based permissions for team members. It also provides a host of other features such as real-time notifications, event-based triggers, IP whitelisting, approval flows, log analysis, and more.

Harness Continuous Delivery offers integration with multiple third-party applications including Bamboo, Google Cloud, Docker, JFrog Artifactory, CloudWatch, Datadog, Sumo Logic, and Splunk. Engineers can generate reports on mean time to repair (MTTR), lead time, deployment frequency, change failure rate, and more. It also supports single sign-on (SSO), audit trail, OAuth, and various authentication mechanisms.


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  • Approval Workflow
  • KPIs
  • Software Development
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