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OptimalSort overview

What is OptimalSort?

OptimalSort is a user experience and usability testing software that helps businesses register participants and conduct research studies to analyze and assess the performance of websites and user interface (UI). Staff members can utilize pre-screening questionnaires to select participants based on demographic information, such as age, country, gender, education level, and occupation.

OptimalSort enables team members to create pre- and post-study questions in several formats, such as multiple-choice, matrix, rankings, likerts, and net promoter scores (NPS). Participants can utilize the card sorting methodology to categorize information and gain visibility into how people group, conceptualize, and label ideas or products. Administrators can configure sorting rules, allowing participants to categorize cards in predefined or custom categories.

OptimalSort enables businesses to integrate the platform with several third-party participant recruitment solutions. It lets supervisors utilize built-in analysis tools to generate visualizations and gain insights into test results. It also enables employees to create and import cards with labels, descriptions, and images.


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OptimalSort pricing

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Optimalsort is available for free and as part of a suite, outlined below.

Individual Plan: $199/month/user (billed monthly) or $166/month/user (billed annually).
Team Plan: starts at $166/month/user (2 seats) and scales with the number of users.
Enterprise: Please contact Optimal Workshop directly for pricing details

Please contact Optimal Workshop directly for individual modular pricing.

OptimalSort features

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