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Applane Education overview

What is Applane Education?

Key applications
Admission Management: Student admission is the most important process at the start of an academic session and one that requires a very efficient and seamless operation. Applane brings in the much needed clarity and reliability to the process while helping in conducting it in a fast and fair manner.

Student Administration Management: - Student Administration management suite allows a school to automate the processes around student needs from admission to their transportation while ensuring seamless communication between the school, students and their parents.

Fee Management: - Fee management module ensures fee processing automation by creation and management of fee types and fee periods, helping in management of concessions, enabling bank reconciliation, sending auto SMS and e-mail alerts for fee reminders, generating reports such as fee register, providing parent login at institution website for viewing fee paid and dues.

Attendance Management: - Attendance Module provides details of Student attending daily class, leaves in current year thus helping automatically for mentioning in Report Cards. Attendance In-charge can also send SMS / e-mails from system to parents in case of shortfall in attendance by students.

Library Management :- Librarian Module brings automation to library management in a school allowing it to manage departmental libraries and inter-library transfers, store resource details including books, journals & multimedia resources for easy retrieval later and manage stock verification, enable search and reservation of the resources online, manage serial and subscription management including issue, return and reservations.

Examination and Evaluation: - Examination Controller sets up all the marking system, activities and assigns optional subjects as per schools requirements. It is one of the most robust, scalable and user friendly solution for converting marks in Grades according to CBSE Guidelines and generates CCE Report Cards.

Human Resource Management: - Applane HR Suite for schools is an integrated system that allows the school to manage all HR functions in a seamless way, keeping the focus intact on managing key HR challenges such as employee performance and growth based on their skill sets, experience and their teaching and non-teaching contributions to the school.

Inventory Management: - Inventory Management module helps school to manage items, their purchases and sale price, manage material receipts and physical inventories, manage asset, manage reports including stock register, daily sales/issue report, etc.

Vendor Management: - Vendor Management brings in the much needed control in managing vendors by ensuring quicker turnarounds and allowing the school to negotiate better cost and delivery terms with the vendors.

Book Keeping: - Using Applane's book keeping module, the school can reduce the resources needed for billing and ordering with an automated system, input ledger entries with an easy and intuitive interface, enjoy a seamless integration with Fee Processing and Vendor Management, reconcile and prepare P&L, balance sheets and Cash Flow statements quickly and shorten your period close Enjoy real time reporting and multi-dimensional analysis.


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Rishabh Kapoor

Pretty good software and intuitive intreface

Reviewed 2016-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

We are using applane education software to manage day to day activities in our school for last 2 years. The software has been pretty fast and the interface is very friendly. Even a first time user can easily learn to use it within a matter of 15 minutes. See more about them here: (

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$10.00 per month per student

Applane Education features

Student Management

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Additional information for Applane Education

Key features of Applane Education

  • Admission Management
  • Student Administration Management
  • Fee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Library Management
  • Examination and Evaluation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Book Keeping
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The Applane School ERP comes bundled with five power packed application suites each catering to an important function of your school while being integrated to each other.

Education Delivery: This is the most integral function in your school and one that requires significant amount of resources to manage it well heavy paper work, endless efforts in doing complex student evaluations, managing attendance, time tables and lesson management.

Student Management:The student management suite from Applane allows you to automate the processes around student needs from admission to their transportation while ensuring seamless communication between the school, students and their parents.

Human Resources: The teaching staff is the reason for a functioning school and the non-teaching staff is the support without which a school cannot operate smoothly. Ensuring a motivated team by recognizing and planning their growth is essential and Applane plays a key role in ensuring that.

General Administration: There are several support processes in the management of a school which are cost extensive and require efficient material management. If planned and automated in the right way, they can significantly reduce the cost of operations. Applane's General Admin Suite is a step in that direction.

Finance & Legal: From the most fundamental processes like fee processing to preparing the annual budget and the book of accounts, the credibility of a school hinges on high quality financial management. Applane helps your school in planning a sustainable growth and also in demonstrating transparency to the school stakeholders.