EduReg Features


Intelligent school & student administration

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EduReg Feature Summary

  • Attendance tracking & reports
  • Scheduling
  • Faculty / staff management
  • Student information / records
  • Higher education
  • Academic reporting
  • Cafeteria management
  • Classroom management
  • Facility management
  • Housing management
  • Cashless meals and payment solutions
  • MIS integration
  • Dashboard view
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited registration points
  • Lesson registration
  • AM/PM registration
  • Fixed or mobile registration points
  • Teacher tablet application
  • Absence alerts and optional attendance alerts for parents
  • Student/parent smartphone app
  • Third party integrations
  • Time and attendance reports
  • Access control security
  • Biometric identification (fingerprint or facial recognition)
  • Access control
  • School visitor management with self-service sign in/out
  • Photo capture for photo ID badge printing
  • Pre-book expected visitors including CRB verification
  • Track late pupils
  • Staff sign in/out with card, fingerprint or PIN
  • Back-office suite for administration & reporting
  • Search for visitors by name or date
  • School management reports
  • Audit tool

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EduReg Feature Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about EduReg's features:

Andrew Cakebread



Security access control for a school building


Seems work well with new biolites and newer sensors. Interface can be navigate on any computer within the network and is relatively stable with no lockups of the software.


Doesn't let you know when their is faulty biometric sensors - a feature required if it is truly security software.

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