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Edvance Software

Web based school management software with LMS and analytics

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Edvance Software overview

Edvance Software is a web-based school management solution that allows administrators to manage academic operations and enables interaction between school administration, teachers, parents and students on a single platform, by exchanging information online in a secure way. The product provides a developer license to their customers, which allows them to produce custom modules and create reports on the fly.

Edvance software solution manages all aspects of school operations from online admissions to academic reporting. It offers features such as course management that includes designing the course details, grade levels, number of class sections and academic reporting; Workload feature that includes the management of individual teacher workloads, work credits, time distribution and academic/ extracurricular task requirements; scheduling module that helps to build customized schedules, assigning location to a class or events, and allowing parents to fix appointments with teachers; Individualized Education Plan (IEP) module that enables the assignment of objectives by analyzing individual student’s needs, and breaking up of objectives into tasks & sub-tasks which can be monitored easily; and teacher gradebook module that facilitates cross-curricular learning by allowing teachers to coordinate inter disciplinary evaluations. Additionally, the product also offers other features such as admissions, student/teachers profiles, attendance, behavior check, curriculum management, and student/parent portals, among others.

The software is suited for small and medium sized businesses. Some of its key customers include Holy Trinity School, New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education, Summit School, Stanstead College, Trafalgar School and Loyola High School, among others. Edvance fosters cooperation by enabling the software innovations created in one school to be shared with other schools, as a collaborative platform.


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Edvance Software screenshot: With EDVANCE, teachers and students can schedule and book classesEdvance Software screenshot: EDVANCE allows staff to plan seating arrangement for different coursesEdvance Software screenshot: EDVANCE allows parents to track children performance and get alerts through parent portalEdvance Software screenshot: EDVANCE curriculum management allows teachers to capture real-time evaluations and communicate with students via online portalEdvance Software screenshot: EDVANCE - Course PlanningEdvance Software screenshot: EDVANCE - Progress ReportsEdvance Software screenshot: EDVANCE - AdmissionsEdvance Software screenshot: EDVANCE - Admissions Progress

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Tracy Faucher

Makes Academic Management a Dream!

Reviewed 2015-05-31
Review Source: Capterra

This is my schools first full year with Edvance and it has begun to transform how we communicate with parents and manage out curriculum. I have worked with several other LMS' and I can tell you that in the past I would have been left feeling frustrated due to lack of support and flexability. However, working with Edvance leaves me feeling excited and confident that the customizations we are building will make communication stronger, processes smoother, and jobs easier. The support of the Edvance team is unlike anything I have ever seen and it has allowed me as an administrator to help people be more efficient. Once you start working with this company, you will wonder what took you so long to start.

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George Van Kampen

Excellent Service with a Quality Product

Reviewed 2015-09-01
Review Source: Capterra

Pros - Easy to use, - Flexible and adaptable to our school needs, - Very quick response time to question asked Cons- I would like to see this program "talk with" our accounting and donation management programs. Edvance was our first school software program. This program made life so much easier for our teachers and administrators. We are able to grow each year with this program as they continue to refine and add features. Since we have both elementary and high school programs in both languages, we needed a program that was very flexible. Edvance was able to tailer make their program to meet our needs.

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Jason Wolfe

Student software database management

Reviewed 2015-12-09
Review Source: Capterra

All student and staff data is compiled into on spot making it so effect to recall relevant information about current and past students. The service has been outstanding. The support has be amazing. I felt very comfortable calling, emailing, or having virtual meetings if I needed clarification A wide variety of modules makes it easy to cater to all of our needs One con that is of note is the attendance module. The staff at our school has told me that it is time consuming and not very efficient

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Edvance Software features

Activity Dashboard
Assessment Management
Attendance Management
Customizable Reporting
Records Management

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Additional information for Edvance Software

Key features of Edvance Software

  • Record Student Attendance
  • Accessing the student’s performance
  • Dashboard for accessing student details
  • Course/Class Management
  • Create workloads and schedules
  • Customized reporting for students
  • Build class schedule
  • Store student details
  • Individualized Education Plan
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Summarized report cards
  • Student/Parent Portal
  • Progress reports of students
  • Track student behavior real-time online
  • Customizable adaptations of software
  • Web based application
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• Edvance Software offers online data entry feature that allows teachers to enter and submit marks anytime, using any device.
• The product allows tracking and reporting of course specific and extra-curricular competencies, which enables overall student evaluation.
• The solution allows real-time tracking of absentees, late-comers and student behavior, to facilitate immediate follow ups.
• Edvance Software helps to create customized schedules for teachers by managing the teacher workflow. The product avoids the need for outsourcing workflow management.
• The product offers student/parents portals allowing them to interact with teachers and enabling parents to view real-time visual representations of students’ progress reports.
• Edvance Software enables curriculum and IEP’s management by creating objectives that can be assigned to individual student as and when needed, this can be further tracked & evaluated by teachers.