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Scholarship Lifecycle Manager

Scholarship lifecycle manager (SLM)

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Scholarship Lifecycle Manager overview

What is Scholarship Lifecycle Manager?

Foundant Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM) is an online solution designed to help organizations manage, organize, and streamline the scholarship process for applicants, reviewers and administrators. Users are able to quickly and confidently find the necessary information to ensure the right applicants receive the help they deserve, while freeing up time to focus more on strategic and high impact activities.

Foundant SLM helps a range of scholarship programs including community foundations, corporate scholarship programs, K-12 education foundations, private foundation programs, local government programs, industry associations, and research and fellowship programs. Students are able to create an account to access a self-service portal to search and submit applications for scholarships at any time. Users get access to all future commitments and existing scholarship data via the applicant dashboard. Automated reminders are sent out to students for when action is required for follow-ups, due dates, proof of enrollment, or anything else. The platform offers time saving features such as the automatic saving of answers and data, the ability to copy answers from previous applications with the click of a button, and more.

Administrators can see all applications as they are being worked on, review documents, email applicants, and mark requests as complete. Applications can be assigned to various reviewers, and progress stages can be monitored. When reviewers log in, they are presented with a list of all the applications they have been assigned. Reviewers are presented with a side-by-side review form, with all of the scoring questions on the left hand side, and the application on the right. Reviewers can also export the entire application packet to a PDF for review offline. Administrators have access to the entire database to run custom reports by creating datasets, filtering criteria, building formulas, and more.


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Scholarship Lifecycle Manager screenshot: View all submitted and approved applications via the dashboard ScholarshipsScholarship Lifecycle Manager screenshot: Applicants have access to all of their future commitments and award details Scholarship Lifecycle Manager screenshot: Applicants can search for specific applications via the search tool Scholarship Lifecycle Manager screenshot: Applicants can automatically copy over questions from previous applicationsScholarship Lifecycle Manager screenshot: Assign applications out to reviewers and check evaluation status Scholarship Lifecycle Manager screenshot: When reviewing applications, view a side-by-side review form with scoring questions on the left, and the applicant's application on the rightScholarship Lifecycle Manager screenshot: Batch email students to communicate a deadline or anything other information

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Scholarship Lifecycle Manager features

Activity Dashboard
Data Import/Export
Progress Reports
Progress Tracking
Student Management

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Key features of Scholarship Lifecycle Manager

  • Applicant portal
  • Customizable forms
  • Applicant management
  • Reviewer management
  • Scoring
  • Commenting / notes
  • Recommendations management
  • White label
  • Batch email students
  • Students' self-service portal
  • Application process
  • Proof of enrollment reminders
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Email scheduling
  • Quick search tool
  • Scholarship applications
  • Copy previous answers tool
  • Text boxes
  • Auto-save
  • Currency fields
  • File uploads
  • Confirmation email
  • Assign follow ups
  • Dashboard
  • Application reviews
  • Assign reviewers
  • Reviewers database
  • Status tracking
  • Progress tracking
  • Scoring questions
  • Export to PDF
  • Shared documents
  • Custom forms
  • Export data
  • Email tracking
  • Reporting
  • Data set builder
  • Custom reports
  • Data filtering
  • Email templates
  • Merge templates
  • Preview documents
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Foundant SLM was built specifically for scholarship providers, making the entire process more efficient for administrators, applicants, as well as reviewers.

Be certain the right applicants receive the help they have earned by creating and running reports at any time to find or evaluate specific data as needed.

Time saving features include the ability to copy answers from one application to another, the saving of answers to avoid losing data, and customized automated email replies.

When action is required for follow-ups, due dates, or proof of enrollment, Foundant SLM automatically sends out email reminders to all relevant students to avoid missing deadlines.

Foundant SLM is a cloud based platform, allowing users to access data whenever and wherever they need access, from any web browser.