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JoomlaLMS overview

JoomlaLMS is a learning management system designed for use with course sales platforms, business training programs, eLearning websites, and more. The system includes a course authoring tool, multi-language user interface, chat functionality, learner performance tracking and reports, multiple monetization options, and more.

JoomlaLMS offers a fully integrated course builder, which allows users to create multiple courses following learning path-based, webinar-based, or material-based patterns. Courses can be categorized and displayed in different layouts, with grid and list views available. Users can configure course availability periods, completion criteria, prerequisites, maximum attendance numbers, waiting lists, and fee types for each course. Files in multiple formats can be uploaded, including audio, video, rich text, HTML, PDF, and Zip files. Complete learning paths can be built, with links, documents, content pages, quizzes, and SCORM packages. Users can also create custom quizzes, surveys, and assessments, with 14 different question types, local and global question pools, and custom feedback for individual questions or entire quizzes.

JoomlaLMS includes a range of communications tools to enable users to interact with learners within the platform. Course announcements can be made to display a message to all learners on a course, and course chat allows one-to-one messaging, with the ability to attach files to messages. Integration with GoToMeeting provides users with access to live audio and video conferencing capabilities. JoomlaLMS also offers a range of reporting options for tracking learner progress, course completions, materials access, and more. Users can configure custom grading scales for assessments, change learning path completion statuses, and export data in multiple formats including CSV, TXT, XLS, and PDF.


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English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish
JoomlaLMS screenshot: Multiple courses can be created, with webinar-based, material-based, or learning path-based patternsLearning Management System to Train, Teach and Sell Courses OnlineJoomlaLMS screenshot: Descriptions for each course can be added, which are also displayed in the course listJoomlaLMS screenshot: Personal profiles for teachers can also be created and displayed on course information pagesJoomlaLMS screenshot: Course announcements can be published to deliver information to all learners on a particular courseJoomlaLMS screenshot: The JoomlaLMS mobile app automatically notifies learners of new course announcementsJoomlaLMS screenshot: Custom quizzes and assessments can be created in JoomlaLMS, and used to measure learner progressJoomlaLMS screenshot: Users can set up custom grading scales for tracking learner progressJoomlaLMS screenshot: Certificates can be created and offered for completing coursesJoomlaLMS screenshot: Courses can be offered for free, or on a subscription basis, with multiple payment methods supportedJoomlaLMS screenshot: The JoomlaLMS interface is available in multiple languages

JoomlaLMS reviews

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Marshall Northcott

Power Packed Learning Management Software

Reviewed 2016-03-28
Review Source: Capterra

More and more people are turning to more economical solutions like online training and the younger generations are accustomed to using their computers, technology and the internet for educational purposes. I was fortunate to have connected with someone who was a specialist in the field of online training. He had implemented many Joomla Learning Management software installations and was already consulting with many other large educational institutions and corporate clients in the Western US. He was very open about his experiences, he didn't want to tell me which platform I should go with, he shared all the possible options with me. However, when I pressed him for a recommendation, based on his experiences he highly recommended JoomlaLMS. Normally I prefer to farm out work like this to someone who is an expert. In this case however, I decided that I wanted to understand the capabilities and the limitations of the software. Quite honestly, the majority of the workload is related to the creation of the actual e-learning modules and materials not the JoomlaLMS software. JoomlaLMS is merely the engine that drives the online programs once they are created. There is an abundance of user friendly tutorial videos on Joomla LMS You Tube Channel and the JoomlaLMS website has a help section for users as well. In cases where a glitch has been encountered or I've been unable to find a quick answer, the support staff have been helpful and accommodating. The first week the site went live we landed our first client and our online training business became international! The Sales Advantage is no longer 100% dependent on work schedules and we are no longer restricted by geography. Online learning has added a new dimension to the business, another revenue stream and option that we can offer clients for their training needs. At first glance, for a smaller business, there can be some sticker shock when considering at the annual subscription fee. I took a risk based on the recommendation from someone that I trusted. As I have come to fully understand what I have purchased, I am blown away by how robust and feature rich Joomla LMS is. So many companies offer outrageous service support contracts for the most basic needs. With more complex installations I can imagine that this is necessary. In my case there has been the odd need for support and the JoomlaLMS support staff have answered my questions in a timely fashion, supported the product and I have not incurred additional costs.

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Gary G

Review from long time user.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-30
Review Source: Capterra

I administer a moderately sized educational website (instructional material, quizzes, and certificates). It is built on the Joomla platform and we have about 10K users with about 300 actively using the site at any given time. After much research and trail and error, I switched to JoomlaLMS about 8 years ago. Here are reasons why: Cost is a big factor in our operation. If costs are not reasonable, we cannot continue to operate. 1) The Joomla platform is robust, very cost effective, and can be administered by someone (me) with a moderate knowledge of IT, coding, etc. 2) JoomlaLMS is fully functional out of the box and again only requires a moderate level of IT/website skills to administer. The software continues to be developed/improved over time. 3) JoomlaLMS support is outstanding. It is timely, patient, and friendly. 4) The fees are not insignificant, but they are fair, and they are scaled to the size of your user base. When it comes to paying fees, remember that you want a company to partner with that makes enough money to be profitable and stay in business. It would be a major problem for me if I had to migrate to another LMS system.

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Jen Lewis

Joomla - Outstanding CMS system

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-04
Review Source: Software Advice

Easy for the User to manage Large array of growth options for building out the interface Great CSS control Great options for changing the face of the site anytime you wish Overall, this is a super software and should be used by anyone wanting a presence online Management and updates / upgrades are not difficult but can be time consuming depending on your particular set up Overall, costs for managing this type of interface are very reasonable

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This product is awesome in every way

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-21
Review Source: Capterra

I have been working with Joomla LMS for about 4 years know and I can say that they have been instrumental in my company success. My students love my web site and the professional experience they have when they use it. I have asked for several customization and they will get it done. There is nothing they were not able to do to make my business grow. They are great in every way, product, process, and people.

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Elisha Ondijo

Awesome Component For Learning

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-07-27
Review Source: Capterra

We started with using the famous moodle elearning. Though it was opensource for us as a company we needed something that has awesome interface, easy to configure and manipulate. We started searching online and bumped onto joomlalms. This is a MUST have if you need :- 1. Affordable elearning solution 2. Responsive elearning solution 3. Top notch cutomer service delivery Look no further joomla LMS is your perfect solution.

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30-day free trial, no credit card required.

100 users - standard: $299/year; professional: $799/year.
500 users - standard: $599/year; professional: $1499/year.
1000 users - standard: $999/year; professional: $2199/year.
5000 users - standard: $1499/year; professional: $3499/year.
10000 users - standard: $1999/year; professional: $4699/year.
Over 10000 users - standard: $2599/year; professional: $6199/year.

JoomlaLMS features

Assessment Management
Automatic Notifications
Course Authoring
Course Catalog
Customizable Branding
Data Import/Export
Learning Management
Progress Tracking
Registration Management
Reporting & Statistics

API (79 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (97 other apps)
Activity Tracking (56 other apps)
Attendance Management (74 other apps)
Calendar Management (58 other apps)
Communication Management (67 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (55 other apps)
Records Management (66 other apps)
Self Service Portal (56 other apps)
Time & Attendance Tracking (66 other apps)

Additional information for JoomlaLMS

Key features of JoomlaLMS

  • Course builder
  • White label option
  • Custom user roles & permissions
  • Recurring payments
  • Multi-language user interface
  • SCORM & AICC compliance
  • Automatic email notifications
  • User import & export
  • Self-registration & self-enrollment
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Course templates
  • Waiting lists
  • Course completion criteria
  • Course certificates
  • Free & paid courses
  • Searchable course catalogue
  • Multiple format support
  • Course availability periods
  • Configurable prerequisites
  • Learning paths
  • Custom quizzes & surveys
  • Local & global question pools
  • Custom feedback
  • Quiz statistics
  • Course chat
  • Course rating & comments
  • Learner performance & grade tracking
  • Homework assignment
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Course subscription sales
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The embedded course builder can be used to create custom courses with various templates, allowing users to set up material-based, learning path-based, and webinar-based courses, control course access levels, categorize courses, specify course fees, maximum attendee numbers, and availability periods, define course completion criteria, and more.

Custom quizzes and surveys can be created, with the ability to select questions from local or global question pools, configure custom feedback for individual questions and whole quizzes, add in media files, set the maximum number of attempts allowed, and more.

Administrators can communicate with learners directly through JoomlaLMS, with email, instant messaging, course announcements, and GoToMeeting integration for live conferencing.

Learner performance can be tracked using custom assessments and grading scales, course completion statuses, materials usage, learner activity, and a range of reports.

Free and paid courses can be created, and users can create a range of subscription options, offer multiple payment methods, and process recurring payments through integration with PayPal.