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Parents Connect App

Web based app for connecting parents and childcare providers

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Parents Connect App overview

What is Parents Connect App?

Parents Connect App is a SaaS and mobile app based product that bridges communication gap between the childcare staff and parents by allowing them to communicate in real time. The product has a cloud based storage where childcare center can store records about all the enrolled children and retrieve them on a need basis. Further, the app can also be customized as per the requirements of childcare center and deployed on the smart phones of parents. The company also offers a staff app which helps centers to improve communication between the staff members.

Parents Connect App allows documentation of records related to children which can be monitored by the owners or managers of childcare centers. Documents like daily reports, weekly reports, calendar, newsletters and incident reports along with videos and photos can be sent to the parents via instant messages. It also supports push notifications and email alerts from staff members to parents. The product has a dashboard which allows users to print, save or export the data to desired location directly from the web app. Further, the calendar present in the app provides a view of all the childcare activities like meal plan, schedules etc. in a detailed manner.

Parents Connect App is primarily designed for small childcare centers and is available for users in the US. The app for parents and staff is available for both Apple and Android devices.


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Parents Connect App user reviews


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danyelle wright

Total game changer

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-11-08
Review Source: Capterra

Daily reports for the parents being able to communicate with parents anytime with the app having the peace of mind documents are secured all the time in the cloud storage

What i love most about the parents connect app is. Its very secure and provide a variety of different services like daily report sheets calendars and you can even create a newsletter to be sent out as well as a secure connection from the teachers to parents to communicate anytime

I would just like to say no program is perfect it has its flaws at times for me in the begining it crashed from time to time but things get better overtime

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Henry Emezie

parents connect app

Reviewed 2014-11-11
Review Source: Capterra

Childcare tool made easy. Great tool!

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Parents Connect App pricing

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$29 per month for center with 5-15 children
$49 per month for center with 16-39 children
$89 per month for center with 40+ children

Parents Connect App features

Activity Dashboard
Calendar Management
Communication Management

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Additional information for Parents Connect App

Key features of Parents Connect App

  • Email notifications
  • Mobile App
  • Calendar Management
  • Manages communication
  • Custom Apps as per childcare requirement
  • Secure documentation storage
  • Tuition fee payment
  • Text and instant messaging
  • Real time notification
  • Online Registration
  • Daily, weekly and Incident based reports
  • Share reports with videos
  • Data managed in dashboard
  • Receive alerts on mobile
  • Secure User Authenticity
  • Data Storage
  • Share reports with photos
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● Parents Connect App helps in the creation of newsletters through drag and drop options available in 15 standardized templates and also allows users to create their own templates.

● Parents Connect App allows the parents to receive a PDF of daily, weekly and incident reports on their emails and also get a notification of the same via a mobile app.

● The app allows the teachers to send photos and videos along with status reports to the parents of daycare children.

● Parents can sync and retrieve the calendar of childcare center to access details related to meals, activities and schedules.

● Through Parents Connect App, parents can also respond to messages sent by teachers and the communication between parents and staff can be tracked by the owner or director of the center.