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Janis overview

What is Janis?

Janis is a cloud-based AI (artificial intelligence) assistant designed to help businesses incorporate artificial intelligence into conversational interfaces in order to enhance the customer experience. Key features include workflow automation, alerts, message updates, sentiment analysis, data synchronization, event-triggered actions, and remote access.

Marketing teams can use the solution to capture leads via chatbot conversations and automate FAQs to provide assistance in real-time. Janis enables team members to monitor ongoing discussions, track positive or negative comments added by customers, and generate notifications for unresponsive chat and voice bots. Moreover, the application lets agents send automated responses during live chats with clients, as well as pause AI to communicate directly.

Janis offers integration with various third-party AI platforms and bot making tools such as Dialogflow, Facebook, ManyChat, Chatfuel, Slack, Microsoft Azure, Botcopy, and more, helping businesses automate customer interactions with support teams. Plus, the solution lets supervisors collaborate and train existing AI systems based on customer messages and queries stored in Google Cloud.


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$25 per 5000 monthly active subscribers

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