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Conversational AI Platform Software with Appointment Scheduling

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Pipedrive logo

CRM built by salespeople, for salespeople

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Engage visitors to your website 24/7 with Pipedrive’s Chatbot and Live Chat. Turn your window shoppers into qualified leads.

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Drift logo

Live chat & in-app messaging for sales & marketing

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Drift is a cloud-based live chat solution for sales and marketing teams which also includes an AI-powered chat bot, in-app messaging & email management tools

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Emitrr logo

Customer engagement platform for local business owners

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Emitrr is a complete customer interaction and engagement platform built by and for local business owners.

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Zenvia Conversion logo

Conversational marketing platform for eCommerce businesses

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Zenvia Conversion (formerly Sirena) is a conversational marketing platform designed to help businesses in the eCommerce, retail, automotive, education, and other sectors manage customer communications across multiple channels using a shared inbox. Administrators can integrate the system with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram to connect with prospects on a unified interface.

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Chatbot logo

Easy to use chatbot platform for business

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ChatBot uses AI to help you better support, engage, and sell across channels. Build AI chatbots without coding.

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Landbot logo

Grow your revenue & delight your customers

learn more is a no-code chatbot platform designed to empower businesses to build frictionless conversational experiences.

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Users also considered logo

Conversational enablement platform

learn more is a conversational enablement platform for businesses to respond to and follow-up with leads generated online.'s 100% U.S. based concierge team instantly contacts, follows up with, and qualified inbound leads via SMS, email, and phone.

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TrueLark logo

AI-powered front desk assistant

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FrontdeskAI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered helpdesk and admin assistant designed for businesses within industries including beauty and wellness, fitness, dental, and more. It offers 24/7 customer support backed up by machine learning, FAQs, and business policies.

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Honeit logo

Interview Collaboration for Recruiting, Hiring & Research

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The Honeit interview collaboration and intelligence platform transforms phone screens, intake calls, and video interviews into real-time data and insights. Honeit was designed for recruiting and hiring teams to schedule, screen and assess candidates faster using real-time conversational insights.

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Giosg logo

AI-powered chat for customer service and sales teams.

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Live chat with the best user experience for the agents, chat routing, workflow with real-time analytics among other superb features.

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Users also considered logo Live Chat & AI Chatbot is the superior 24/7 service

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North America-based live chat agents respond 24/7 to sales & service inquiries in English & Spanish. We capture & convert leads, and assist clients. We offer the superior experience of an in-house receptionist, backed by powerful AI to achieve accuracy and efficiency without losing the human touch.

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Quiq logo

Business messaging solution - SMS, FB Messenger, Kik, & Chat

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Quiq business messaging connects companies with their customers on the channels they are already using, SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Chat

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Serviceform logo

Website integrated online booking, donation and lead forms

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Serviceform is an online booking, donation, and lead form builder for service business of all types or size, installing into any website with integration for third-party CMS and publishing platforms to facilitate the acceptance of online bookings, payment processing and managing staff availability

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ZoomInfo Chat logo

Perfectly balances highly-targeted, human-first experiences.

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Powered by ZoomInfo’s B2B data, ZoomInfo Chat perfectly balances human-first, highly-targeted experiences for your most important visitors. ZoomInfo Chat has the ability to create highly scalable personalized AI-driven nurture experiences via chatbot for everyone else.

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Conversica logo

Artificial intelligence-driven sales assistant

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Conversica is a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) helping organizations attract, acquire and grow customers at scale.

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Users also considered logo

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Sales & Marketing Teams

learn more automates conversations with leads at scale over email and chat. Unlike other conversational marketing platforms, Exceed uses AI to analyze lead intent & respond with the right message. Exceed engages every lead and qualifies, follows-up and books meetings for your sales team.

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Heyday logo

The #1 AI-powered customer messaging platform for retailers

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Heyday is a conversational AI platform designed to help retailers and eCommerce businesses capture leads and enhance engagement with buyers. Key features include customizable branding, multi-channel communication, wait time management, prioritization, push notifications, and canned responses.

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Moveo.AI logo

Conversational AI platform

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Moveo.AI is an enterprise-grade platform, driven by generative AI and proprietary LLMs. Our genAI agents effortlessly process any data, enabling automation of diverse business processes. Moveo.AI evolves, learning from past interactions, adeptly handling misspellings, and scaling to meet demands.

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SimpleCRM logo

Cloud-based all-in-one marketing platform

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SimpleCRM is an AI-enabled CRM solution for midsize to large businesses in the Asia Pacific region. The solution supports a portfolio of products that cater to various business requirements such as accounting, CRM, marketing, and more.

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Verloop logo

Conversational AI for Customer Support

learn more is a customer support automation platform that helps you provide exceptional support experiences to your customers across channels with Conversational AI. Deploy our bot on your website, app, Facebook page, and WhatsApp number.

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Leadster logo

Marketing platform to increase lead generation

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Leadster is a Portuguese-language conversational marketing platform focused on lead generation. It makes it possible to use bots to approach leads, collect relevant data for the qualification process, and distribute them intelligently according to the answers obtained by the chatbot.

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Pypestream logo

Cloud-based messaging and conversational AI platform

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Pypestream is a conversational AI platform designed to help businesses improve customer engagement using a patented messaging carrier. It enables customer service teams to connect multiple applications via APIs and facilitate transactional, proactive, or reactive workflows.

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Enterprise Bot logo

Intelligent Omnichannel Conversations

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AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants and automation tools that enable round-the-clock support via email, voice, and chat across your enterprise ecosystem. Automate 85% of all user-related queries in 12+ languages, increase CSAT scores by 25% and be deployment-ready within a day.

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Target First logo

One complete customer relationship solution

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Engage your customers 24/7 with Target First ! Our customer relationship platform offers several options to keep in touch with the best part of the audience on your website :
- Live chat
- Call Back
- Chatbot
- Messaging
- Email
- Meeting

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WotNot logo

Automating customer interactions at scale

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WotNot automates your customer interactions at scale with chatbots. Solve business challenges like getting more leads, booking more appointments, scaling your customer support.

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