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Spend management platform with accounts payable automation

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Airbase Pricing

Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Airbase offers free and premium plans that scale according to monthly spend and the number of users, outlined below:

Free Plan: For 11-50 employees and $10,000-$25,000 total monthly card spend

Growth Plan: Annual fee based on monthly spend for companies with $50,000-$500,000 total monthly card spend

Custom Plan: Negotiable prices for enterprises with $500,000+ total monthly card spend.

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Airbase Pricing Reviews

  • Airbase has the best of both worlds and is the best solution that we have seen for managing corporate spend.Reid S.Read the full review
  • While the system is good I actually appreciate the customer support the people are Airbase are very personable and friendly.Sabrina H.Read the full review
  • The best thing is the architecture for approval flows and how the product team pays very close attention to customer needs.Dmitri L.Read the full review
  • That is the only thing that is missing vs. issuing traditional corporate cards.Reid S.Read the full review
  • There were no blockers or issues with integrating Airbase for our team as administrators and endusers.Lorina P.Read the full review
  • Initially, Airbase had limited functionality in a few areas. However, it's quickly filled those holes in -- so at this point, it's more than overcome those initial limitations.Chuck W.Read the full review
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Easy, seamless, intelligent

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-09-09
Review Source: Capterra

Airbase makes spend management really easy. I like having a separate virtual card for each service. Setting, managing, limiting, and reporting cost on a per-service basis makes it really easy for us to make sure we're spending money efficiently. Sharing virtual cards externally (e.g. when we want to make it really easy for a candidate to expense an onsite interview trip) is super handy.

No real complaints! I haven't had any major issues using Airbase.

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