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Apttus Revenue Management

Revenue management solution from Apttus

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Apttus Revenue Management overview

What is Apttus Revenue Management?

Apttus Revenue Management addresses critical revenue processes that occur after customers have signed an initial sales contract, including revenue recognition, rebates, billing, order management and renewals.

By providing visibility into contract details - including agreed-upon prices, milestones and expiration dates - Apttus ensures that businesses can accurately fulfill orders, pay appropriate incentives to partners and intelligently renew contracts. Apttus reduces revenue leakage through accurate and timely orders, revenue forecasts and payments.

Protect Revenue through Contract Visibility -

Revenue process automation. Apttus Revenue Management can be used for automating contract to order to invoice processes. As soon as a contract is finalized, Apttus can create an accurate order and invoice for all the products, pricing and terms on that contract, as well as orchestrate all the processes through to revenue recognition and renewals.

Renewals with contract visibility. Apttus captures critical purchase information defined in sales contracts, including purchase history, pricing agreements, amendments and contract terms. When it comes time to renewals and add-on orders, sales teams can use this information to create better and bigger renewal quotes with relevant upsell and cross-sell opportunities, product upgrades and price updates.

Partner performance management. Apttus Revenue Management ensures you pay partners the incentives they deserve based on actual performance. Apttus supports rebate schedules, partner contract management, and alerts and notifications, in addition to automation of claims processing and payments.

Streamlined revenue recognition. Use contract insights to automate revenue schedules based on milestones met, percentage of work complete or usage. Track the potential impact of new contracts and quotes on revenue, all within Apttus Revenue Management.


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Apttus Revenue Management features

Compliance Management

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Key features of Apttus Revenue Management

  • Revenue process automation
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Renewals with contract visibility
  • Rebate Management
  • Partner performance management
  • Renewals Management
  • Streamlined revenue recognition
  • Order Management
  • Create, model and launch complex revenue management program
  • Billing Management
  • Salesforce1 platform API support
  • Advanced security, 24/7 reliability
  • Revenue schedule auto-generation
  • Drag-and-drop configurability capabilities
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Chatter embedded inside Office
  • Mobile device support
  • Create renewals-based contract terms
  • Advanced collaboration
  • Revenue Forecasting, Baselines and Reporting:
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Revenue Recognition: Manage revenue schedules, forecast revenue accurately
and ensure compliance.

Rebate Management: Launch rebate programs for partners, generate accurate
rebate schedules and manage true-ups.

Order Management: Capture order details, manage in-flight changes and
orchestrate downstream tasks.

Billing Management: Manage all types of invoices, including one-time payments,
recurring payments, usage-based payments, credits and adjustments

Renewals Management: Identify expiring contracts, effectively upsell and cross-sell, and reduce contractual issues with renewals

Lower DSO: Automate process from contract to order to invoice, synchronize orders and invoices with the latest contract information, and orchestrate order information with ERP.

Reduce Revenue Leakage: Create renewals-based contract terms, automatically measure partner performance against rebate obligations, and receive early visibility into in-flight order changes

Eliminate Non-Compliance: Tie revenue schedules to fiscal contract structures, auto-generate revenue schedules, use Excel to manage revenues, rebates and renewals while adhering to corporate and financial guidelines