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Ariett Travel & Xpense

Travel & expense reporting solution

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Ariett Travel & Xpense overview

Ariett Xpense is a cloud-based travel and expense reporting solution which enables users to enter, view, and approve travel and pre-expense requests, expense reports, electronic receipts, and more.

Ariett Xpense allows employees to upload their expenses from any location at any time through the web interface and native iOS app. Multiple personal and corporate cards can be integrated with expense reports, to automatically populate expense line items with credit card transactions once employees have selected the expense type. It is possible to itemize individual credit card line items and allocate the costs to different general ledger codes to capture important transaction details including taxes, rates, and surcharges. Receipts can be photographed, emailed into Ariett Xpense, and attached to the relevant expense report for managers to check while reviewing the report.

With Ariett Xpense, users can manage expense policies and allowances, including business unit-specific policies, CONUS and OCONUS rate for travel within and outside of the contiguous United States, mileage calculations, and more. Employees can submit their travel plans for pre-approval, allowing managers to control expenses and enforce policies before spending occurs, and analyze estimated costs against actual costs after the trip has been completed. Policy exceptions, such as over-budget expenses, are automatically flagged, giving employees the opportunity to add a supporting comment before submitting their expense report, and allowing managers to approve specific exceptions based on individual circumstances.


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Ariett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Ariett Xpense allows users to select their expense type from a range of categoriesAriett Software for Travel & Expense ManagementAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Expenses can be uploaded through the web browser interface or native iOS appAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Ariett Xpense automatically flags any policy exceptions, such as over-budget expensesAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Users can add comments to support any expenses which are flagged as policy exceptionsAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Multiple credit cards, both corporate and personal, can be integrated with the expense report in Ariett XpenseAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Expense line items can be automatically populated from credit card chargesAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Users can take photographs of their receipts with their mobile or tablet device and email these into Ariett XpenseAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Receipts can then be added to expense reportsAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: With the mobile app, receipt images can be added from within Ariett Xpense, or from the mobile device's storageAriett Travel & Xpense screenshot: Users can view all of their submitted and approved expense claims through Ariett Xpense's mobile app

Ariett Travel & Xpense reviews


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Sarah Paxman-Bean

Expense will travel...literally!

Reviewed 2016-03-03
Review Source: Capterra

400+ users who are community based workers have seen the difference that Ariett Xpense has offered them. They can now create their expense (entering in mileage, uploading a receipt from their smartphone) all while they are on the go. Our implementation guru was fantastic throughout the entire process. Ariett does a great job of constantly providing updates, and significant ones at that by listening to their customers feedback. The end user product is seamless and customizable. They have provided me with excellent customer service...both our account manager and Ariett customer support have been great to work with. The only downside I see is the administrative side...there are lots of areas that you have to enter the same data in...I wish they would consolidate the Administrative processes a little more. Overall, we are happy that we chose Ariett.

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Mark Maltz

Ariett review

Reviewed 2015-01-30
Review Source: Capterra

Ariett allows for users to select from a multitude of expense categories and reporting periods, and links expense categories to our accounting system, Great Plains, in the background - which is tremendously helpful for coding purposes in the accounting department. Approval chains and new users are easy to set up, and handled in a logical, step-by-step process. Support tickets are addressed quickly, and while solutions are not always simple, the support staff is always professional and tries multiple methods to fix issues that arise. One big suggestion we would make is for Ariett to implement a multi-level Closing Period tool. We envision this tool allowing our organization to 'Close' Calendar periods so Users can't submit a report in a Closed period, while allowing us to leave that period open for Approvers to finalize their review of reports.

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Jacob Kirby

Great Product

Reviewed 2015-01-26
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using the Ariett Travel & Xpense product for about 2 years now and are very pleased with the product. It is fairly simple to implement and very user friendly. Ariett's customer service department is top notch. Any problems we have with the product are always resolved quickly and accurately and the customer services reps are a pleasure to work with. The only issue I have had with the product is with the Mobile App and the Mobile Touch Interface. The Mobile App never worked for us and they are still developing the Mobile Touch Interface. We have had several issues with the Mobile Touch site but Ariett has been in constant communication with us regarding upgrades to the product and they take every issue seriously. Overall we have been extremely pleased with the Travel & Xpense product.

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Maureen Maier

Ariett helps our business run smoothly

Reviewed 2016-09-16
Review Source: Capterra

Our company has been using Ariett Expense for years (too many to count at this point!). Our employees are able to submit their expenses readily, without issues, whenever they want. The ease of use for processing - approving expenses, transferring to Microsoft Dynamics and posting allows for quick turnaround on payments to employees. Accounting gets the work done quick and efficiently and our employees are reimbursed very timely. Ariett helps keep our business running smoothly, which is wonderful!

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Steven Lee

Accounting Manager-HB Rentals

Reviewed 2014-07-22
Review Source: Capterra

Our company, HB Rentals LC, has been using Ariett for just over 3 years. With 18 different offices in 8 different states, postage and paper cost were substantial having to mail in the receipts to our corporate office, as well as having one full-time accoutant, designated to coding and processing these expenses. With the Ariett system, we have been able to free up much of that accountant's time, reduce these expenses, and become a lot more organized.

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Ariett Travel & Xpense features

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Additional information for Ariett Travel & Xpense

Key features of Ariett Travel & Xpense

  • Paperless receipt automation
  • Receipt upload
  • Real-time expense budget updates
  • Role-based visibility
  • Policy management
  • Mileage calculation
  • CONUS/OCONUS rates
  • Default GL account coding
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Trip & pre-expense approval
  • Credit card integration
  • Credit card charge reconciliation
  • Expense audit
  • ERP integration
  • Currency conversion
  • Multiple corporate cards
  • Automatic expense report creation
  • Policy descriptions/indicators
  • Warning messages
  • Email notification of expense reports
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Employees can upload expenses at any time, from any location, allowing managers to review expense activity and budgets in real time.

CONUS and OCONUS rates can be set for travel within and outside of the contiguous United States, allowing for automatic calculation of expense allowances based on the dates and locations entered by employees.

Managers can reject or approve employee pre-expense requests based on their compliance with expense policies, and analyze the estimated costs versus actual costs of expenses.

Policy exceptions are automatically flagged by Ariett Xpense, with employees able to include comments in their expense reports for any over-budget expenses, allowing managers to enforce policies or approve individual exceptions.

Credit card charges can be automatically reconciled with expense line items through integration of company and personal credit cards with expense reports, with automatic population of expense line items once an expense type has been selected for transactions.