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Banker's Toolbox BAM+

BSA Compliance & Fraud Prevention

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Banker's Toolbox BAM+ overview

What is Banker's Toolbox BAM+?

Every night BAM+, our anti-money laundering software, imports data bringing together cash, wire, ACH, ATM, monetary instrument and other miscellaneous transactions. Thanks to BAM+’s advanced data validation process and import audit reports, it’s easy to confirm that your transaction data is feeding correctly into the system.

Once all your transaction data is compiled in BAM+, there are a variety of reports in BSA Manager that act as filters through which you can look for suspicious activity. BSA Manager enables you to cross-reference records by TIN, account number, or CIS number, giving you the flexibility you need in order to meet regulator's expectations.


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Banker's Toolbox BAM+ features

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Key features of Banker's Toolbox BAM+

  • Money Laundering Detection
  • Automated CTR Management
  • Detect Check Kiting Activity
  • Rule Based Risk Rating
  • Fraud Loss Prevention
  • Watch List Scanning
  • SAR Preparation & E-Filing
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Distributed Branch Monitoring
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- BAM+ not only streamlines your work process into a manageable workflow, but it runs on your schedule, with parameters that are customizable for your needs. You set your reports to run daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever you want.

- A key component that sets BAM+ apart from other money laundering detection software solutions is a statistical management feature that graphically displays "normal" ranges of transactional activity within segments of your customer base. Once, "normal" is established, you can easily define your report parameters to filter out "false-positives" and clearly identify suspicious behaviors unique to your institution.

- With multiple investigations being conducted simultaneously, you’ll have the ability to add notes and attach files so that the investigation trail is documented for the examiners to review.