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Chargebee is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified recurring billing system for SaaS and subscription based eCommerce businesses.

A flexible and customisable platform that supports 30+ leading worldwide payment gateway integrations, like Stripe, Braintree etc., and alternative payment methods like PayPal and Amazon Payments - to let you automate payment collection, invoicing, email notifications and subscription management.

With the real-time, actionable SaaS metrics and analytics insights provided on your dashboard, you can understand the unit economics of your subscription business and drive your business growth with ease.

You can also add unlimited users/user roles, with role based access, so that your support, sales and accounting teams have access to the relevant, up-to-date information on your customers.

With power packed integrations such as Avalara, Xero, Quickbooks, Shopify, Squarespace, MailChimp, ShipStation, Refersion, Google Analytics, ChartMogul, and Zapier - you can sell your subscription products online, send personalized emails to your subscribers, ship your products, create referral programs, track the user behaviours and integrate with hundreds of other web apps - all at one place.

With customers in over 48 countries, Chargebee offers the smartest solution for managing your subscription billing and provides a scalable platform for you to grow, without worrying about losing control or creating administrative nightmares.

Chargebee Reviews (11)

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 Payments simplified

We have been using Chargebee for over 6 months now and the experience has been nothing but great. The setup and onboarding is amazingly simple. From a developer point of view, integration process has been clearly chalked out and documentation is crisp and to the point. The pricing plan itself is ...

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Reviewed 6th of September, 2016 by


 Excellent product!

Chargebee is excellent for subscription businesses who need to manage their payments and invoices. I would strongly recommend trying it out. It's extremely easy to use. Should you run into any issues, their support team is amazing and very responsive.

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Reviewed 16th of August, 2016 by

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HTTPS for all pages

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Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Small Business
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Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based
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Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
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Chargebee Pricing

Starting from: $99.00
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

- Launch Plan - Free tier from Beta to Growth Stage - $50k aggregate revenue free
- Standard Plan - $99 /mo
- Pro Plan - $199 /mo
- Enterprise Plan - Starts from $599 /mo (with SLA based Support)
No transaction based fees. No setup cost. No monthly contracts. No hidden fees.

Competitors Pricing


Pricing model: Freemium, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Starting from: $149.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Starting from: $125.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription

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Key Features of Chargebee

  • Recurring Billing
  • Customer Portal (Also available in an open source version)
  • Hosted Payment Pages (with Theme Support)
  • Trial management
  • EU VAT Support
  • Automated e-Invoicing
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Dunning Management
  • Multiple Gateway Support
  • Metered Billing
  • CRM, Accounting integration
  • SaaS Metrics Reports
  • Robust, clean RESTful APIs
  • Multiple Webhooks
  • Consolidated Customer Profiles
  • Offline Billing
  • Grandfathering
  • One Time Payments
  • Coupons, Discounts and Add-ons
  • Credit Notes and Proration
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Custom Domain for Hosted Checkout Pages


With Chargebee's Dunning Management feature, you can efficiently handle failed payments with smart retries and promptly notify customers before their cards are about to expire, and thereby increase your recurring revenue.

You can give your customers the option to update their billing/card/delivery details and manage their subscriptions on their own, with the help of the Customer Self-Service Portal.

You can customize and address your app's unique needs by using Chargebee's easy to learn, simple to use RESTful APIs that are backed with solid documentation.

By setting up events notifications using Multiple Webhooks, you can ensure that data is in-sync across multiple apps.

By working with multiple payment gateways and alternative payment methods, you can optimize your payment processing based on different customer segments.

Using the secured and customizable hosted checkout pages you can readily start accepting subscribers, without a single line of code.

You can configure automated transactional emails to be sent to your customers, to deliver value throughout your customer life-cycle.

Similarly, you can automate customized invoices to be sent to your customers every time a charge is made.

In addition to collecting payment via cards, you can also collect and reconcile payments made via cash, checks, ACH and other modes of payment.

Alternatives to Chargebee

GetApp Analysis

Chargebee is a subscription management software that enables small and midsized businesses across industries to simplify the process of sending recurring and custom invoices to their customers. It sends out invoices and personalized email notifications on your behalf, connects with your accounting solution, provides a brandable customer portal where your clients can update and manage their own accounts, and integrates with commonly used business tools such as Shopify, Salesforce, and MailChimp.

Chargebee’s simplicity and flexibility is suitable for all users – from the novice to the experienced developer. Aside from a backend system that’s easily navigable and customizable, businesses with complex billing structures can use the app's API to address their unique needs. For example, the API can make checkout processes more seamless for customers by keeping them inside the same app to complete their purchases, versus taking them to another site without the API.

Some of Chargebee’s core features are automated invoicing and dunning management, responsive payment pages and customer portal, trial management and usage-based subscriptions, insights and analytics, and multiple payment gateway integration.

What is Chargebee?

With a pricing structure that’s highly scalable, Chargebee is a cloud-based subscription management software option for startups and growing businesses. It allows you to set up recurring billing frequencies and automate workflows for invoice generation and distribution, payment collection, and follow-ups. The app also lets you work with pricing discounts, promotions, and coupons, even without developer help.

Access to the system is role-based, meaning the permissions assigned to each user are based on their roles within the organization, and the Chargebee dashboard provides quick, at-a-glance insight into your subscription base and revenue figures – which can be clicked for details – to keep you on top of things. Hosted pages settings can be customized, as well as your email SMTP settings, among other things. Event-based notifications can likewise be set up, such as when payment fails to push through.

Main Features

Automated Invoicing and Dunning Management

Chargebee offers subscription-based businesses the ability to streamline otherwise tedious recurring billing processes through automated backend workflows that take care of invoice generation, follow-ups, and payment collection.

The app also has a dunning management functionality that handles credit card declines stemming from factors that include expired credit cards, insufficient funds, temporary holds, exhausted credit limit, and fraudulently acquired cards. The retry schedules Chargebee follows are totally within your control. Customizable email notification templates are also available.

Responsive Payment Pages and Customer Portal

Chargebee provides checkout pages that are responsive and customizable, and come with custom fields and theme support. The checkout/payment page is where customers input their account and billing information when signing up – payment method, email address, first and last name, home address, and so on.

Chargebee also has a self-serve customer portal system so your customers can manage their accounts anytime, anywhere, through any connected device, with no need for them to contact your customer support department for any changes they have made to their account. They can upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions anytime, update their billing information and card details, view their past payments, and even cancel their account.

Just like the checkout page, the customer portal is a hosted page solution, mobile-ready, and can be customized as needed.

Subscriptions Management

Besides invoicing and dunning management, Chargebee boasts features such as trial management, proration, metered billing, cancellations and reactivation, refunds, credits, taxes, and many more. If your business offers free trials, Chargebee lets you specify how many days an account can be on trial mode. Once the trial period is over, the account is automatically converted to an active subscription. If the account owner’s credit card details are unavailable, the account is automatically canceled.

For plans with base and usage fees, Chargebee’s metered billing feature ensures your customers are only charged what they actually use. Several different add-ons can also be created and tracked - on/off such as premium support, recurring and nonrecurring, and quantity-based add-ons.

Insights and Analytics

Aside from quick snapshots of your revenue and subscription numbers, Chargebee offers comprehensive insight into the metrics that matter most to you – subscription count, monthly plan revenue, monthly add-on revenue, average revenue per user (ARPU), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), renewal summary, transaction summary, transaction trends, lost opportunities, and refund summary.

Reports can be exported as individual CSV files in zip format. The fields you’d like included in the exported reports can be specified. Filters can be applied so your reports contain just the right amount of information. Chargebee also has a custom reporting feature where on-demand, customized SaaS metrics reports are provided to customers.

Multiple Payment Options

In addition to offline payment options such as cash, checks, and ACH, Chargebee’s partnership with major payment gateways allows you to accept online payments from your customers. Depending on the country where your business is located, the app can be used with, Braintree, Stripe, eWAY, Pin Payments, and WorldPay. Payment gateway details can be configured in the Settings page. Note that Chargebee only facilitates authorization, refunds, and capture, which means the settlement happens strictly between you and the payment gateway.

Chargebee also offers support to record offline and alternative payments through PayPal Express Checkout and Amazon Payments. All payments are recorded in a single, consolidated dashboard.


Chargebee readily integrates with third-party apps such as MailChimp for email marketing, Squarespace for website development, PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Payments for payment processing, Salesforce for sales and contact management, ShipStation for order fulfillment, Refersion for referral management, Google Analytics for website traffic reports, and Zapier for SaaS integrations.

Webhooks, an API, and plugins for Shopify and WordPress are also available.


Chargebee offers four monthly subscription options, the pricing structure based on the number of invoices generated for successful transactions. Startup is at $49 for up to 50 invoices per month, Silver at $79 for up to 200 invoices per month, Gold at $149 for up to 1,000 invoices per month, and Platinum at $249 for up to 2,000 invoices per month.

Chargebee also provides sandbox test accounts you can perpetually use for free to try out all of the app's features.

Bottom Line

  • Subscription management software to simplify billing and customer invoicing
  • Integrates with multiple payment gateways
  • Dunning management capability that sends out automatic reminders for credit card declines
  • Reporting and analytics feature showing powerful insights into various metrics such as activations, signups, new revenue, churn rate, MRR, and ARPU
  • Comes with a responsive, customizable, and mobile-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple currencies


Who is Chargebee For?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: SaaS providers, subscription commerce businesses, and any online business based on the subscription model
  • Business size: Small businesses to large organizations
  • Departments/roles: Business owners, finance executives, billing/invoicing staff, sales managers and agents, customer support personnel, tech support, development teams
  • Budget/point: Starts at $49 per month for up to 50 invoices
  • Example customers: Freshdesk, Vinyl Me Please, Enerspace, Fresh Relevance, Amoda Tea, and Soylent
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