Chargebee’s subscription and recurring billing solution


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Chargebee’s subscription and recurring billing solution

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Jimmy: Hi! Welcome back to another GetGuide brought to you by GetApp. Today I'm joined by Joe Daniel who's a customer success manager at Chargebee. What Chargebee does is subscription and recurring billing. So, Joe how are you?

Joe: Good, how are you?

Jimmy: I'm great. Let's see. Where do we start? Basically Chargebee I think is in a very demanding position. There's a lot of people starting all sorts of subscription businesses, people that need to do a lot of recurring billing. So, can you tell me a little bit about the businesses that are currently using Chargebee?

Joe: Absolutely. First, I would like to tell what Chargebee is. Chargebee is an online billing solution built for subscription businesses. If you're considered a SAAS company who often get products with subscription model at global scale, so what they do is they first build their product and start offering it to their customers. To accept payments from their customers, what they need is a payment gateway. These businesses connect with payment gateways. However, there is something missing in this picture. That is the subscription life cycle. The subscription life cycle usually starts from trial signups to direct paid subscriptions and that then goes on to activation, upgrades, downgrades, cancellation and reactivations. During the customers' span with the business, a robust billing solution needs to be in place to keep in track of the subscription details including product they signed up or how many licenses they could purchase, when the next billing date is and how much they should be charged and those other aspects to the subscriptions such as ..., plan change, payment failures that need to be managed and also transaction emails. All these need to be taken care of. This is a recurring problem for almost all subscription based businesses. Not all companies would want to invest and setup to just build a billing solution and take care of all these aspects. So, when you get payment gateways, they are more concerned about the reliability of paying structure and up-plan. Although some gateways offer basic billing module, when it comes to subscription management, there's a sophistication needed missing there. There's a need for a subscription billing management solution like Chargebee. Our focus has been on startups and fast growing small and medium size businesses. We're actually scaling our products as our customers business and needs grow. We do have a large set of enterprise customers using our solution and we do meet their requirements as well. But businesses that mostly use Chargebee are typically SAAS and ecommerce and types of companies from other verticals like data marketing, newsletters and college spaces. So, if you're subscription based and if you've just started out or you're somewhere between the 1-5 employees, you'll find Chargebee to be a good thing.