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Chargebee’s subscription view

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Joe: This is your subscription session. So any sign-ups that happen in Chargebee will pretty much end up here. It will give you a list. So you can basically get details what plan they signed up for, what other current items. And when you click on the subscription, it takes you to the details page. For example, John Max signed up for the Car Service annual plan. They don't have any addon but you can see the next billing date is scheduled for the second of July and the next billing amount is $1,000. If you need to see the description of what it looks, you can see preview it here. You can see how much they're going to be charged and when they'll be charged. And the other options that you see here on the right side, pretty much help you manage the subscription. It will allow you to switch them from a monthly plan to annual plan or annual to monthly, pretty much all the upgrades and downgrades happen here. You can update the customer's details. If you want to send out an email and say the customer's credit card expired or they can call up and say, "Hey, I want to change my credit card." You can click on this which will take you to another page will have the email content and when you send this out, your customer will get an email with the link. They just add on the link and add a new credit card information and that will send it back to Chargebee and we have the new customer's credit card details.

Jimmy: Perfect.

Joe: Other things that you got to do if you want to do if you want to add new credits to customers or add a coupon or say you have a customer who's subscription is renewing on 10th of every month but we actually want to change that to first of every month, just click 'change next renewal date' and change it to first of each month. So, it will happen every first of the month. Everything is pretty much quite simple and you can easily manage subscriptions just by using the interface here. And again, we have all these options available with API. If you need to automate, you can really do that.