Discover some other ways of integrating Chargebee into your business


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Discover some other ways of integrating Chargebee into your business

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Joe: We have different types of integrations. One is the hosted page integration. The second one is the hosted page integration with API. The third one is complete API integration. If I take an example of we have one of our customers called, Fresh Desks. They have a solution and being a SAAS company, they have developed resources to take advantage of our API to build a complete behind-the-scenes intergration with Chargebee. The customers always have an in-app experience whether it was during sign-ups, one-time purchases, upgrades or downgrades. If you actually go to the website, all you would see is Fresh Desk's homepage. You can click on sign up. What happens is it will take you to another form which is on - just log into Fresh Desk and when you get to that sign up page, you will pretty much see your own form. You won't think that they have anyway hooked up to a different solution. It's still in-app and customer fills up all the information here. The API charge me saying, "This is the customer's information, create a subscription for them on this particular plan," and that's pretty much it. The subscription is sent to Chargebee and we upload the detail and we take over the platform.

Jimmy: This is great. Great to see how it's working.

Joe: This is one way. The other way is the hosted pages with API integration. What happens is - before that, I probably want to talk about the hosted page. Why hosted page rather than having your own form? When you use hosted pages, the advantage there is the level of security we offer. Being hosted on our service means that the concept of PCI is something that's taken there. That's actually reduces your PCI compliance requirement. When you get customer information like credit card which is pretty sensitive, the PCI comes into the picture. Most customers don't want to actually have that burden on their head. They pretty much use the hosted pages and Chargebee will take care of that. Some customers still want an in-app experience although they are using hosted page. They use the hosted page with the API. We can pretty much make an API call. We give them this URL and send that to customers. They use an i-frame to embed the hosted page in an i-frame. For their customers, it's look like they never left the website but we pretty much collect all the necessary information. We pass that on to Chargebee. That's API plus hosted page.