Guide through all of Chargebees billing settings


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Guide through all of Chargebees billing settings

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Joe: Pretty much the entire site, the entire account is controlled in the Settings page. If you look on the website, you have the default site settings which includes setting up your currency, your country, billing address you need to show on invoices and pretty much all the information to define the view your Chargebee account. The other thing is like the Gateway settings which is pretty much setting up the payment gateway. It's really simple. All you need to do is click on configure payment gateway, come in here and setup which payment gateway you want to use, click on the gateway name and pretty much enter your gateway credentials and you're done. Your gateway integration is complete. Other things like customer invoices where you would come in and define, pretty much tells you what - you can upload company logo. You can specify what information you need to show. You can pretty much get a preview of that and you can see how what it will look for your customers when they receive it. This is a sample of how an invoice will look when it's sent out to your customers.

Jimmy: Okay.

Joe: Other settings you can take a look at is email applications. These are the transaction emails that I was talking about in the beginning which is pretty much whenever something happens to a subscription, a subscription is upgraded or you need to change subscription or a payment is made. You pretty much have Chargebee take care of the application. We trigger emails to your customers and you can control which emails they need to see, which ones they don't. We have templates but if you don't want, you can customize the content, you can do that. Basically just click on customize template to the email editor here and we have plain text and HTML so you can use those options, customize it, save it and you're all set.

Jimmy: This is very simple to use. This is extremely useful.

Joe: Besides the email applications, the other setting that you can pretty much use is we have something that let our users define ... When a payment fails to happen, what should Chargebee do? We have the option to allow the system to retry the payments after a couple of days. Your customer does not have funds on the credit card, what do you do? You can have Chargebee to say, "Retry after one day, three days or five days, seven days." After four retry which is the maximum, that's pretty much when we stop charging them, cancel the subscription or just mark the invoices unpaid and let the customer continue with the subscription. When they do add the credit card later on, you can actually pretty much go into the system and collect the payment.

Jimmy: Okay.

Joe: The other option you have pretty much if you're an API user, we have intergration for that. We have a couple of integrations with the system so if you use this you can set them up as well. This section right here is all the settings you need for Hosted Base, how it behaves and how it looks.