Guide through Chargebee’s customer portal


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Guide through Chargebee’s customer portal

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Joe: On the hosted page, one of the features I want to talk about are customer portal. Customer portal is also a hosted solution that is available with Chargebee. This allows your customer to log into the system, take a look at past payment information, update credit card information. With this tool they can update the shipping address, if they want to upgrade from one plan to the other or downgrade, if something goes wrong and they want to cancel their subscription. They can also do that through the customer portal. All those controls are available as a configuration. You don't want your customers to do certain things or actions, you got to manage that as well. This page is where you actually do that. If you want to enable portal, you can pretty much allow access and the allowed actions here defines what your customers can do when they are logged into the portal - edit information, view invoices, cancel subscription, make changes to subscription. You don't want to allow them to allow them to do certain things, that's often missed at. All these pages, the hosted pages do also comes with text configuration. You can actually pretty much say what you want to say to your customers. If you don't like ... content, you can pretty much change it. For example, these are messages that are shown when your customers are logged into the portal. You can actually change all these. You can put your text here. We have conditions where you can say, "This is monthly advanced. This is annual advance." You can define that. Text configuration as well is pretty much next to control each of them within the hosted page. You can change the text on pretty much the headers, the labels, customize all of that and save it and immediately reflected on the hosted page. If your system is live and your website out there and your customers are seeing that, if you want to change it you pretty much come in here and make the change, save it and it's effective immediately.