Learn about Chargebee’s API documentation


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Learn about Chargebee’s API documentation

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Joe: The next one I would like to talk about is API Documentation. As I was saying, when it comes to documentations, managing them in terms of you want the automation part of of things, we have completed an API to do all of that. You pretty much go into API doc. You would come to this page. Now we have API documentation, the languages we have client for starting from PHP to .Net, Java, Ruby and Python. We've been getting a lot of feedback from customers specially developers saying that they actually love the API documentation. It's pretty easy to use. We have come here in terms of the more ... within the Chargebee system. When you go to each module, you can actually see all the things can be done in terms of the subscription or getting ..., updating subscriptions. We do have samples reqeuests and responses. We pretty much have everything covered here when it comes to API and all that you would actually need to integrate your system with our system. This is a sample request. You pretty much copy this ... and then you get your response here. This is how it works. ... with Chargebe and based on what those results are, we get a response and you get it in a ... format like what you see here. Again, you can choose the language you want to use and integrate it with Chargebee and you have a code or that. It's pretty much very straight forward. When it comes to supporting all these, we also have support team and we also have development support. You are building an integration and you are stuck somewhere, you can give us a call and send us an email and we can schedule a call with the developers and we can walk you through the problem you might have and come up with a solution for that. Again, the engineering ... in terms of API department, if there is something that is not covered or is not part of, you can certainly make a request and a team will certainly look into that and as soon as possible you'll have it.