Learn about Chargebee’s integrations with MailChimp, Zapier and Refersion


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Learn about Chargebee’s integrations with MailChimp, Zapier and Refersion

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Joe: Integration is pretty much people who are using .... Now, what happens integration is pretty simple. You would just need to log into your MailChimp account, get your API key, put that in here and connect. That's pretty much it. So what happens is when a new sign-up or new subscriptions go into Chargebee, we sync all tha information. We sync all subscription details saying that, "Hey, this is the customer's details. Here's the email address. This is the plan they signed up for. This is the sign-up page." Using that information, a mutual user can create their accountings, they can create the risk and they automate the entire email process with the .... Anything, any change that happens in Chargebee, we'll sync that information back to MailChimp so that they have that customer list to do what they need to do with ... Or if you just want to send marketing or campaigns, they can use it for that as well.

Jimmy: What about the other integrations that are there, Zapier, Shift Station and Refersion?

Joe: Zapier is a solution that allows Chargebee or any application for that matter that is integrated with them, you can use Zapier to connect with our application. Zapier has 400 different apps that are accounted with. What they do is they have the actual interface or platform that connects two applications together. For example, Chargebee say if you're using a system like something that you want to use to send out SMS to, that's when they do purchase. What you will you is take Chargebee and get an SMS application and connect that to Zapier and what hapens is when the subscription within Chargebee. We send that information to Zapier and Zapier will then send that information to this third party application to send out the SMS to your customers. Why Zapier? It's actually easier to connect to a system like Zapier to integrate with other applications rather that building direct integration with those apps. That's why we have Zapier to do that.

Jimmy: That's great.

Joe: Ship Station is a fulfilment solution that helps ecommerce businesses take their orders and then make the shipments. What we do is we have an export format specifically designed for Ship Station. Everytime you need to ship the orders to your customers, what you will you do in Chargebee is pretty much come in here, say what do you want to do it for the business this month. If you want a specific order, you can look the normal list. You can print that out. Hit the export button and then you get an export. You just take that file, log to your Ship Station account and then upload it and your orders are ready to be ship. That's pretty much why we have a Ship Station. The other integration is Refersion. Refersion is a referral program. As companies, they mostly would have partnership with others who refer their products or services. Refersion helps track that. The integration with Refersion is whne your customers sign up with Chargebee and you have referral set up or that, we will send that tracking information to Refersion and they take care of deciding how much they need to pay out to their customers. It pretty much takes care of commissions for your affiliates.

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