Learn all about Chargebee’s invoicing features


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Learn all about Chargebee’s invoicing features

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Joe (Chargebee)

Joe: With the subscription tab, the other option that you have here is the invoices. What this section is pretty much where all your customers' invoices will turn up. This is ... When I was talking about importing, I did mention exporting data. This you can actually export all your invoices as well. You can get that in a PDF format and CSV format. If you want to use that for bookkeeping, you can always use download invoice as PDF and if you want to do importing, you can use the CSV option as well. If you want to go down and get specific customers or certain plans, you can do that. If you wan to look up unpaid invoice, you can do that as well. It's pretty much easy to import all these. If you have paid invoices and maybe you want to refund, that's simple as well. You just click on an invoice and you get invoice information like when the payment was made and transaction details. If you want to send that again to your customers or in this case refund customer, you can click on refund option and you can either refund full amount or you could refund partial amount. You can do $500 or $200, you can do as well. Just enter a memo and do the refund. That's pretty much it. That's as easy as that. The other option as well, in some cases you might have all plan subscriptions where customers view offline and you might have given them funds back. You want to refund that as well. You have the option to do that as well with the system. You can say how you refunded them and put them in the memo and store that information and that will be tagged and stored on the actual invoice. You also have your transactions linked to the invoice. If you want to look up transaction details, you can click on that and see if payment was made, status, payment method used, credit card, name on card, expiration date, gateway that was used and you also have the option to refund the actual invoice from the transaction as well. Again, all that is linked as you can see here. You can go to the invoice to the transaction and to the actual subscription.