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Conterra FIM overview

What is Conterra FIM?

Built upon the Conterra ECM platform, Conterra FIM inherits the power and agility that have been tested and proved by over 1,500 ECM clients across all industries. The core ECM modules allow users to perform most common and customizable Document Management and Business Process Management tasks, while forming the solid basis for more tailored solutions.

Due to the ECM platform, the Conterra FIM solution functionality can further be extended to Contract Management and other specified business tasks.


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Conterra FIM screenshot: Users can easily generate any invoice list or build a report.Done in Sixty Seconds: Handling You Accounts Payable EfficientlyConterra FIM screenshot: Users can track any invoice and access the processing history.Conterra FIM screenshot: Users can search for invoices using a variety of attributes.Conterra FIM screenshot: The invoice has been approved and is ready to be paid.Conterra FIM screenshot: The invoice can be forwarded to a supervisor if needed.Conterra FIM screenshot: The approver receives the invoice, sees the whole processing history and either approves or rejects the invoice.Conterra FIM screenshot: The invoice is sent for approval according to the route.Conterra FIM screenshot: The invoice is sent further according to the route.Conterra FIM screenshot: The user completes the attributes and saves the validated invoice.Conterra FIM screenshot: The system has read most of the information using ICR and has filled in the attributs.Conterra FIM screenshot: The verifier sees the results of automatic intelligent checks and the attached invoice. The verifier sees the results of automatic intelligent checks and the attached invoice.Conterra FIM screenshot: New scanned invoices enter the system automatically and are sent for verification.

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The Orienge company offers three Conterra FIM package solutions – Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise –differing in the number of users, available functionalities and pricing. The licensing models include both one-time license and software subscription which is especially relevant when using Conterra FIM as a SaaS solution. Additional pricing options comprise the implementation and maintenance costs, as well as user training, the solution hosting and administration.

Conterra FIM features

Invoice Management
Invoice Processing

API (404 other apps)
Accounting Integration (236 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (391 other apps)
Alerts/Notifications (331 other apps)
Audit Trail (277 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (363 other apps)
Compliance Management (367 other apps)
Customizable Reports (256 other apps)
Data Import/Export (360 other apps)
Electronic Payments (239 other apps)
Expense Tracking (262 other apps)
Multi-Currency (320 other apps)
Recurring/Subscription Billing (231 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (424 other apps)
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Workflow Management (271 other apps)

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Key features of Conterra FIM

  • ERP & FRS Integration
  • Fine capture & recognition
  • Intelligent checks for duplicates
  • Flexible approval process
  • Matching against POs
  • Multiple capture sources
  • KPI dashboard & reporting
  • Central repository for invoices and bound documents
  • Extensibility to other solutions (Comes with ECM platform)
  • Web based friendly interface
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Accurate Invoice Capture & Recognition

Conterra FIM captures and stores e-mails, PDFs, e-invoices and scanned paper to a central repository. The AP process starts whenever a new invoice enters the system via fax, e-mail or scan.

Up to 98% of invoice data are recognized automatically by optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Manual invoice entry process is eliminated.

Integration with the existing accounting software means you only enter data once.

Accounts payable automation leads to reducing invoice input operations time by up to 70%.

Efficient Invoice Validation & Intelligent Checks

Conterra FIM alerts users about duplicate payable invoices, purchase order mismatches and other accounts payable data inconsistencies.

Invoices can be connected to the related contracts and verified against budget or contract terms and conditions.

Accounts payable managers easily assign GL codes and validate invoices for further approval and payment.

Conterra FIM software reduces the added cost of validation errors like duplicate payment by at least 80%.

Accelerated & Transparent Invoice Processing

Accounts payable workflow is configured based on the existing business process. It can additionally be modified in accordance with Orienge expert recommendations.

When actions are required approvers receive tasks with all the information they need to make a decision. With the transparency of a controlled process, AP specialist knows the status of every invoice payable, and the reason for delays. Users can easily view the pipeline of all open invoices to keep things moving.

With Conterra FIM employees spend 70% less time on invoice processing.

Automated Invoice Reports & Analysis

Conterra FIM allows users to track invoices on different work stages and analyze the relationships with vendors.

An accounts payable specialist can easily generate any invoice list with all the details or export and print the required invoice. Preparing information for an audit takes a couple clicks with Conterra FIM.

The AP solution can be integrated with any financial, accounting or ERP system so that they get the information automatically without interrupting the accounts payable workflow.

The Conterra FIM AP solution saves 90% of the current storage and retrieval outsourcing costs.

Various Options & Packages to Pick the Best

Three Conterra FIM package solutions are available: Standard, Advanced, Enterprise. Pick the optimal one according to your company size and the amount of invoices.

Depending on your needs, you can also choose your optimum deployment option (local on-premise installation or remote cloud-based installation) and implementation package (minimal, compact or full).