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Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management

Invoicing, customer and inventory management

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Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management overview

What is Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management?

Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management combines customer and product/service information management with sales invoicing as a complete invoicing and inventory management system. The solution is self-contained and portable with the ability to export and export data to and from existing in-house systems. Flexibility of the system allows customer and product details to be updated independently or as orders are made and sales invoices are generated. Product inventory levels are automatically updated as invoices are created. Referential integrity between customers, products and orders allows advanced sales reporting to be quickly generated for analyzing profitability, amounts due and performance by customer and product lines. Additional advanced options allow customizing the invoicing and inventory management system to specific business dynamics and predefine content to accelerate quotation and invoicing processes. The application runs on Excel for Mac and Windows enabling it for use as a portable invoicing system for mobile sales forces.


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Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management reviews

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Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management pricing

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USD 26.00

Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management features

Invoice Management

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Additional information for Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management

Key features of Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management

  • Storage and management of products, customers and orders
  • Find, load and manage existing invoices and order details.
  • Customer and product lists can be imported from systems
  • Product inventory stock levels are automatically adjusted
  • Control panel for fast access and customization
  • Manage inventory and customers independently or in invoices
  • Optional product attributes can be defined and applied
  • Separate shipping slip can be used for transport logistics
  • Toggle hide/show of invoice sections for customization
  • Advanced sales reporting for profitability analysis and tax
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The Customer Invoice and Inventory Management solution is a complete customer invoicing system with ability to store created invoices, products and customer details, manage inventory and perform advanced order sales reporting.