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EDGAR Dashboards

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EDGAR Dashboards overview

You have the option of purchasing either a single report (one-time usage covering one of the four areas above), or an annual subscription including all four areas. To create your custom Dashboard, simply input the stock ticker for each US publicly traded company (from one up to 10), choose the desired year (back to 2000) and a time period. Time periods can cover the full year, any of four quarters or half-years. (Quarters within the 1st and 2nd-half periods are automatically added as appropriate.) You can also check to see that each company has filed for the period you have chosen, as well as the calendar dates for its fiscal year to make sure you are comparing similar reporting periods, not merely the same fiscal years. Then click to open and save to your computer.

Financial Dashboard
The Financial Dashboard delivers Income Statement and Balance Sheet data with key operating ratios already computed for any time period you specify – FY, quarterly, or 1st half and 2nd half data. In addition, we incorporate insightful 3rd party information sources beyond the SEC filings.

General & Administrative Dashboard
Look at G&A expenses as a percent of revenue, as part of total operating expense, and per headcount. Value-add data elements such tax-to-revenue ratios, current debt levels, and capital leasing commitments enrich your analysis and provide information that’s not readily available through other public data sources.

Research & Development Dashboard
R&D expense consists primarily of salaries and related expenses, the cost of a development and testing, and allocated overhead. When considered in the context of total revenue and company valuation, the R&D Dashboard can help you to gain insight about different approaches peer companies have used to manage this critical function at different points in their organizational lifecycle.

Sales & Marketing Dashboard
For most companies, sales related expenses comprise the largest percentage of operating expense. On-Demand Dashboards enable you to look at investments in sales related activity over time to spot trends and gauge impact. S&M expense data is presented in context along with recognized revenue, recognized revenue + change in deferred revenue (as a proxy for bookings), and market cap.


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EDGAR Dashboards reviews

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EDGAR Dashboards pricing

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Purchase a Dashboard – one Excel worksheet with up to 10 columns to download populated with your choice of companies and time periods:

Financial – $249
S&M – $149
R&D – $149
G&A – $149

Or, feed the data monster and purchase a 12 month subscription to create all the dashboards you want for $999.

EDGAR Dashboards features

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Key features of EDGAR Dashboards

  • EDGAR Financial Dashboard
  • EDGAR General & Administrative
  • EDGAR Research & Development Dashboard
  • EDGAR Sales & Marketing Dashboard
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"On-Demand Dashboards is a great service that allows me to easily benchmark our performance versus others in our industry. I track the quarterly financials for several key companies in the software sector using a spreadsheet that I built myself, but compiling the data made the analysis virtually impossible to maintain. The On-Demand Dashboards service takes all that headache away and in five minutes I can put together a great report to present at our Board meeting."

"Powering On-Demand Dashboards with EDGAR Online’s robust XBRL financial data has enabled OPEXEngine to rachet up the quality of tools operating executives can use to ensure their companies maintain a competitive edge."