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FreshBooks use case: Lenna Ani Titizian

Lenna Ani Titizian

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20th of September, 2016
Freshbooks is my personal assistant!

Using Freshbooks has completely transformed how I run my business. I've been using Freshbooks for almost 5 years, and prior to that I kept track of everything in multiple Excel spreadsheets. From client database, to tax reporting, Freshbooks is my go-to for my freelance business, and I credit the ease of use to making my transition from part-time entrepreneur to full-time entrepreneur seamless and stress-free. It's especially helpful now that I take on sub-contractors, that I'm able to manage their time and invoices all in the same system. Can't wait to try out the new, improved version!

Why did you end up selecting FreshBooks over other applications?

Didn't try others.

If so, why did you switch?

.... I was using Excel, need I say more? ;)

What is your main use case with FreshBooks?

Invoicing clients, time-tracking.

Give one example how FreshBooks has improved the way your organization functions

I save a ton of time when it's time to file taxes, because if I've done a good job tracking things throughout the year, end-of-year is painless!

What is your ROI?

Immeasurable, but high :)

Likelihood to recommend


Time used

2+ years

Frequency of use


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