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Fundbox lets business owners and freelancers get paid instantly for their outstanding invoices.

Our clients tend to be small / medium sized businesses, freelancers & sole proprietors. If your business provides a service or sells to another business and typically issues invoices in order to get paid, then Fundbox is exactly what your looking for. With Fundbox you don't have to wait for your clients to pay, you can free up your cash flow by getting a payment advance based on your outstanding invoices

➊ Register in less than 30 seconds, no forms required.
➋ Fundbox connects to your bookkeeping application and pulls in all your outstanding invoices.
➌ Select one or more of your outstanding invoices to fund.
➍ Receive the funds into your bank account instantly.

The funds are sent as soon as you choose an invoice to clear and typically arrives at your bank account on the next business day. The advanced amount and a small clearing fee are paid back over twelve weekly installments. If at any point during the repayment period you decide to pay the balance, Fundbox will waive the clearing fee for the remaining period. You only pay for the time period you that you used the funds.

Fundbox integrates with all major bookkeeping applications: Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Harvest & Xero.

"It took less than a few minutes to obtain short term funding." -- Edwin Warfield, CEO

“Allowing the small business owner to manage cash flow at the push of a button, is genius!" -- Jan Haugo, QuickBooks ProAdvisor

"I can clear invoices and so it keeps the cash flow steady. Fundbox is one of the best things for small business I have seen." -- Don Hutchings, Owner JunkFX


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Fundbox reviews

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William Ridge Lawrence

Great tool for outstanding invoices, but not for long term.

Reviewed 2015-02-18
Review Source: GetApp

Overall I believe it's a great idea and a good start, I can't imagine leaving a 5 star review because of a few things. Note: I have only used it a couple times but will list my pros and cons in the respective sections below. -Easy sign up and integration with HarvestApp (what I use for invoicing among other things). -Cash direct to bank. -Option to pay out early and avoid future monthly fees. From what I've seen it's about 5-7% of the total invoice and the fee is split up and added on to each payment, so rarely you will need to pay the full fee unless you actually pay them back over a 3 month period but also having the option to pay out over quite a bit of time if you need those 3 months to pay off the invoice is nice and cheaper than a credit card and obviously a cash advance. Overall, I'd recommend in hopes they will roll out future (very nice) review

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Adith Krishna

Issues caused due to outstanding invoices easily resolved using the Fundbox application

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-07-05
Review Source: GetApp

It a very easy job to get done with the registration and get started with the application. The application is integrated and connected to the bank, so your payments are basically debited to your respective bank accounts. The interface is very straightforward and easy to use. The advance amount gets increased to the times you use the system. The customer support is very responsive and the support team takes it to resolve your issues in no time. Highly recommended for smaller firms where you find it difficult in dealing with the cash flows.

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Brian Sanchez


Reviewed 2014-09-23
Review Source: GetApp

Every small business owner is well aware of the bane of their existence: managing cashflow and playing the revenue game. Clients like to delay payment as long as possible, creditors/vendors want their money NOW. You could go to banks for a line of credit, but banks don't want to talk to you unless you're on your feet. Your only option is to hustle or drown in overdraft fees. Along comes FundBox who offers advances on unpaid invoices listed my online Harvest account, without the cumbersome (and near-degrading) bank approval process. I have up to 12 weeks to pay off each advance, along with a small fee added each week. I received my first advance this morning via automatic ACH transfer. Likewise, payments are automatically debited from my bank account. This will save my business.Super clean interface, very easy to use. The first advance came immediately as promised (ACH transfer takes 2-3 business days). Signup was easier than expected. My advance limit is $2500, which will increase the more I use the system.

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Chavous Camp

Overall good. A little pricey

Reviewed 2014-12-17
Review Source: GetApp

Overall, Fundbox is great. Their web interface is easy, it integrates with my accounting system, and the money is delivered quickly. Their payment terms are not terribly flexible, and their clearing rate is likely much higher than what you would get from a bank, but they are not really designed to replace a bank. They are here to provide quick liquidity from your invoices. If you pay them off early - for example, you expect a client to pay you within 30 days but need their money right now - it is very inexpensive. If you leave it for the full 12 weeks, it is only a few % less than what you would pay to a credit card company. But - it keeps it off your credit card. We like them. They fit our business. I recommend them highly, but go in with open eyes and be aware of the limitations/caveats. Quick approval No bank-style credit applications Quick funding Good web interface "Flexible" repayment - ie you can pay early and avoid fees

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Paul Griffin


Reviewed 2015-03-06
Review Source: GetApp

I signed up with this service to relieve the pressure of not being able to pay contractors if a client paid late, and I didn't have the funds available. When I signed up, I accidentally entered the WIRE transfer routing number instead of the regular ACH routing number from my check. When I let the support team know, they monitored the transaction, and updated me daily. When it came through as failed, they immediately corrected the information, and resubmitted the deposit. The best part is that they used my Harvest invoicing history as a "guarantor" of sorts. No hit to my beacon score as a credit inquiry! INCREDIBLY easy to setup. OUTSTANDING Customer Service.

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Fundbox pricing

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Fundbox has no setup fees and no subscription fees, only a per-invoice clearing fee you pay when you choose to fund an invoice.

This fee is determined based on your business’ health and specific invoice properties. ​To give a better sense of specific pricing, the fee for clearing a $1000 invoice ranges from $52 to $72 over 3 months.

Pricing is also based on your Fundbox history, so the longer you use Fundbox and the more invoices you clear, the lower the clearing fee becomes.

Fundbox features


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Additional information for Fundbox

Key features of Fundbox

  • Clear invoices as low as $100
  • 100% online. No forms to fill. No hassles
  • Select one or more invoices to clear and get paid instantly
  • Clear your first outstanding invoice in less than 24 hours
  • Payments are transferred to your bank account in 24 hours
  • No setup fees or subscription fees
  • Invoice dashboard to manage your funding
  • Seamless integration with all leading bookkeeping software
  • Fully online & automated funding and repayment process
  • No early repayment fees.
  • Only pay for the time period you used the funds
  • Fees decrease & credit limits increase with recurring usage
  • Works with Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero & Harvest
  • Currently available for US based businesses
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★ Easy to use. No forms to fill and no hassles.
★ Choose an invoice and receive an instant payment.
★ Grow your business.
★ Take control over your cash flow.
★ Get paid Net-Now, your clients can continue to pay Net 30, Net 60 etc...
★ Works with Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero & Harvest