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Accounts Payable/Receivable Automation

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InLattice overview

What is InLattice?

InLattice offers web based document portal service to streamline many business processes like accounts payable and accounts receivable.

You can customize the portal to meet your specific requirements like providing online access to customer invoices, vendor invoice processing, purchase order distribution and online payment processing. Portals can be branded with your own sub-domain name, logo and color themes.

InLattice also provides features to process ACH credits and debits by generating NACHA file.

InLattice can be used to accept online payments using Authorize.NET, Google Checkout and PayPal.

InLattice offers a seamless integration with QuickBooks. Documents can be imported from or exported to QuickBooks. Documents can be created on the web and exported to QuickBooks or imported from QuickBooks to be shared with Customers/Vendors depending on the usage scenario.

InLattice Solutions include:

- Invoice Processing
Create invoice on the web or import it from QuickBooks and send it to customers
Invoices created online can be exported to QuickBooks later
Attach supporting documents, notes to invoices
Create a Bill from an Invoice and post it to QuickBooks.
Resolve any invoice discrepancy using online notes feature
Confirm invoice has been opened by the customers
Accept online payments of invoices using different payment methods such as Authorize.NET, Google Checkout PayPal or direct debit (ACH)
Make vendor payments through direct deposits (ACH)

- Purchase Order Processing
Create purchase orders on the web or import it from QuickBooks and send it to vendors
Purchase Orders created online can be exported to QuickBooks later
Bookkeepers can use InLattice to get clients to create purchase orders online using the QuickBooks vendor list, item lists and then export it to QuickBooks.

- Online Payment Processing
Import payment information from QuickBooks and send it to vendors. This is useful when you make direct deposit to vendors.
InLattice supports various payment gateways like Authorize.Net, Google Checkout, Paypal, ACH transactions
Export Payment receipts to QuickBooks.
Customer can authorize online payments using their bank account and vendor can generate NACHA file. NACHA file can be submitted to the bank for further processing

- Sales Receipt Processing
Create sales receipts on the web which can later be exported to QuickBooks.

Additionally, InLattice provides the following features
Ability to add attachments as part of the Document.
Ability to add notes with different levels of visibility (internal/external) along with the capability of e-mailing them.
Receive E-Mail notification on arrival of new documents.
View History of actions performed on the documents
Attach Logo to Invoices
View Documents as PDF.

You can use any combinations of InLattice features at a very low monthly subscription fees.


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InLattice pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
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InLattice service is priced on 'pay-as-you-go' model, based on the usage
# You can choose a plan based on your monthly document volume.
# You can add unlimited number of customers and vendors to your account
# InLattice supports Invoices, Bills, Purchase Orders and Payment Information documents

InLattice features

Invoice Processing

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Additional information for InLattice

Key features of InLattice

  • Seamless Integration with QuickBooks
  • Create NACHA file online & upload to bank for Direct Deposit
  • Paperless Invoicing
  • Mapping of Invoices to Bills
  • Receive Invoices
  • Post Bills to QuickBooks
  • Customizable Portal with your own logo & theme
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