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Online invoicing & warehousing tool with native Android app

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INVO overview

INVO is a cloud-based invoicing platform which allows users to create VAT invoices, advance, corrective, and final invoices, pro-forma invoices, internal proofs, and other documents. A native app for Android devices enables the creation and management of invoices from smartphones and tablets.

INVO includes a range of ready-made invoice templates which users can customize with their company logo. The built-in HTML/CSS editor allows users to create custom document templates with different layouts, colors, and branding. Multiple currencies are supported, with automatic currency conversion using daily exchange rates collected from the ECB. Invoices can also be issued in multiple languages. Invoices can be previewed in fullscreen before being printed or sent, and integration with Elzab Mera and PosNET fiscal printers allows users to print fiscal receipts.

INVO’s warehouse management module enables the management of reservations, orders, and stock. Users can track goods sold, control inventory, and optimize stock levels, with the ability to set limits to generate stock warnings. Orders can be created from reservations, and the negative inventory function assists when sales are made for out-of-stock goods. Users can also generate price lists from the product catalog by items groups or from manually-selected items.


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INVO screenshot: Users can generate VAT, pro-forms, and final invoices in INVOINVO screenshot: A range of prepared templates are included, and users can also create custom invoice templatesINVO screenshot: Multiple currencies are supported, with automatic currency conversion

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Standard: £8/month for 100 invoices/month.
Premium: £12/month for unlimited invoices.

INVO features

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Additional information for INVO

Key features of INVO

  • Multi-language
  • Custom templates
  • Inventory control
  • Pro forma invoices
  • Warehouse management
  • Customizable branding
  • Premade invoice templates
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • SSL encryption
  • Data export to CSV/XLS
  • Customer data download from VIES
  • Recurring invoices
  • Permissions management
  • Stock warnings & limits
  • Warehouse analysis
  • Reservation & order management
  • VAT invoices
  • Advance invoices
  • Final invoices
  • Fiscal receipts
  • Built-in HTML/CSS editor
  • Fiscal printer support
  • Cost accounting
  • Auto-fill
  • Price lists
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A variety of ready-made invoice templates are built-in to which users can add their company’s logo, enabling the quick creation of custom-branded pro-forma, VAT, and final invoices.

The HTML/CSS editor allows users to create custom templates and branded invoices to showcase their company.

Multiple currencies are supported, with automatic currency conversions based on daily exchange rates from the ECB.

Fiscal receipts can be printed through integration with PosNET and Elzab Mera fiscal printers.

The warehousing module allows users to manage and optimize inventory, set stock limits, handle reservations and orders, and generate price lists.