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Lacoda overview

What is Lacoda?

Lacoda is a web-based loan servicing and management solution designed to assist lenders and loan servicers in managing all sizes of loan portfolio, whether a single loan or hundreds. Users can manage any combination of loan terms, with unlimited options including varying interest rates, multiple lenders, and construction escrow.

Lacoda offers real-time online access to borrower and lender details, with lists of all borrowers and lenders and their individual loan totals, and a database of contact information and tax ID numbers. Users can also view a list of all active loans, with their principal balances, and breakdowns for each individual loan including the terms and details, principal history, funding, interest, late fees, transaction fees, unpaid items, and any associated notes or reminders.

Lacoda automatically generates monthly and end-of-year borrower invoices and lender statements. Monthly borrower invoices include a summary of all active loans, and breakdown of each loan, with any unpaid amounts, the principal balance, and an interest calculation table. Monthly lender statements also include a summary of loans, and each loan’s breakdown with collections and uncollected amounts, accruals, interest, late fees, transaction fees, and points, and an interest calculation table.

Lacoda also allows users access to full transaction histories, which can be filtered by date, payer, or recipient, with payment totals, withdrawal/escrow deposit totals, and by-item breakdowns of individual payments.


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Lacoda screenshot: Lacoda includes a database of borrower and lender detailsLacoda screenshot: Late fees, transaction fees, interest calculations, and collateral can all be managed in LacodaLacoda screenshot: Lacoda allows users to record details of any payments madeLacoda screenshot: Users can view full transaction histories by month in Lacoda

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Brad Hoppy

web-based loan management - 5 stars

Reviewed 2016-05-24
Review Source: Capterra

Lacoda is a fantastic product/service which met my needs as a lender for loan management and monthly borrower statement generation. Did a great job handling all of the math, eliminating my use of Excel spreadsheets, which were prone to human error and required a big time commitment. Lacoda has a user friendly interface, as I was able to use the software after a short 30min training session. Lacoda provided friendly and prompt end user support.

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Lacoda features

Invoice Management

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Additional information for Lacoda

Key features of Lacoda

  • Tax ID numbers
  • Loan terms and details
  • Variable interest rates
  • Late fees and transaction fees
  • Collateral
  • Monthly interest calculations
  • Monthly lender statements
  • Loan summaries
  • Loan breakdowns
  • Payment summaries
  • Escrow deposit/withdrawal totals
  • Borrowers overview
  • Lenders overview
  • Transactions overview
  • Unpaid items
  • Automatic monthly and end-of-year statement creation
  • Automated daily backups
  • Reminders
  • Loan histories
  • Monthly borrower invoices
  • Transactional data
  • Borrower and lender database
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All combinations of loan terms can be managed, including varying interest rates, multiple lenders, and construction escrow.

Users can view full transaction histories for all payments, including lender buyouts and principal repayments.

Monthly and end-of-year statements are automatically generated for both lenders and borrowers.

Data is automatically backed up daily, and backups are never deleted.

Monthly borrower invoices include loan summaries, and individual loan breakdowns, with principal balances, unpaid amounts, and interest calculations.

Monthly lender statements include a summary of all loans, with individual loan breakdowns showing collections, uncollected amounts, accruals, interest calculations, transaction fees and late fees, and interest.