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PAYG AML/CTF compliance, instant PEP & sanctions screening

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NameScan overview

NameScan enables users to scan the names of individuals or organizations instantly, against the Dow Jones Watchlist, of over a million profiles of high risk individuals and companies.

Before dealing with any individual or business, NameScan enables users to get instant reports on their screen and delivered to their inbox. The reports include details of the matching names.

Scan result reports reveal if a person or organization is politically exposed, on a sanctions list, of special interest to authorities, or associated with money laundering or terrorism financing.

NameScan scans through over 1000 sanctions, law enforcement and various other official lists, including UN issued and major government departments, worldwide.


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Pricing on a per name basis. Order multiple scans at a time.

PERSON SCAN: $19/name


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NameScan features

Compliance Management

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Additional information for NameScan

Key features of NameScan

  • Name scanning
  • Scan result reports
  • Scan a name in original script
  • Organization scanning
  • PEPs and their relatives and close associates
  • Sanctions and official Lists
  • Persons and entities of special interest
  • Corporate profiles
  • Persons and Entities of Special Interest
  • Dow Jones watchlists
  • Politically exposed persons
  • Online compliance service
  • Over 36,000 media sources
  • 194 countries
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NameScan is publicly accessible and enables users to instantly scan the names of individuals or companies.

Users are able to keep a record of their scan results history by registering with NameScan.

Users can scan an individual's name in its original script, including Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Cyrillic, Korean,Thai, Japanese, and other non Latin / Roman scripts.

The 'Also Known As' feature scans names for potential matches if a person is known by other names.