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Nominal Accounting

Micro business accounting management


Nominal Accounting Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Nominal Accounting FAQs

Q. What type of pricing plans does Nominal Accounting offer?

Nominal Accounting has the following pricing plans:
Starting from: $99.00
Pricing model: One Time License

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Q. Who are the typical users of Nominal Accounting?

Nominal Accounting has the following typical customers:
Freelancers, Small Business

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Q. What languages does Nominal Accounting support?

Nominal Accounting supports the following languages:

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Q. Does Nominal Accounting offer an API?

Yes, Nominal Accounting has an API available for use.

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Q. What other apps does Nominal Accounting integrate with?

Nominal Accounting integrates with the following applications:

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Q. What level of support does Nominal Accounting offer?

Nominal Accounting offers the following support options:
FAQs/Forum, Phone Support, Chat, Email/Help Desk

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Nominal Accounting product overview

Price starts from



One-time payment

What is Nominal Accounting?

The Nominal accounting software package is simple, easy-to-master, and has a user-friendly interface. Save hours otherwise spent on extensive training. Our software contains basic payroll functionality, perfect for all of your small business needs. See how easy it is to use for yourself - download our free trial today!

Key benefits of using Nominal Accounting

Why does your small business needs Nominal Accounting?

“Doing the books” is often the most dreaded activity of small business owners. After all you’re in business because you have a passion for what you do, are good at it and want to make a living from it. Nobody goes into business because they want to keep accounts.
At Nominal we know this and have come up with a software package that will help you keep accurate accounts, keep track of your orders, invoices, debtors, cash flow and tax liabilities and is EASY TO USE!

Nominal Accounting manages and tracks your business’s financial health

Nominal Accounting Software will help you understand the cash-flow and other financial fundamentals of your business - an essential step in knowing what you are doing and where your business is heading. Nominal not only helps you manage and track the different financial transactions, but it also helps you measure the business’s performance.
Nominal also helps you simplify your dealings with the ATO by allowing you to submit you BAS, PAYG and TFN forms straight from within the software.

Who can benefit from Nominal Accounting?

Any size business, including Micro businesses, can benefit from Nominal Accounting because it is designed for those who have minimal amount of accounting knowledge. Nominal Accounting does all of the accounting work for you - all you do is to input data and access the reports.
Here are some of the benefits Nominal Accounting offers Micro and Small Businesses:
• It saves time in handling the company’s books
• It uses data efficiently – there is no need to enter the same data in different places
• Easy inventory management, sales tracking, management of customer contacts, payroll and business tax reporting.
• Helps eliminate mistakes that may occur as a result of human error
• Provides all monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting
• Simplifies the management of customers, employees and inventory because it:
o Organises customer data efficiently
o Offers easy access to customer contact information, credit terms, credit card numbers and history of transactions
o Processes payrolls, including printing and emailing payslips
o Maintains employee details, taxes, additions and deductions
o Manages lists of items and services
o Keeps track of price levels for buying and selling
o Reports on stock levels
o Provides transaction histories and reporting per item or service type

Nominal Accounting is easy to use

If you’ve previously been scared off accounting packages because of their complexity and price then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and value for money offered by Nominal Accounting Software.

Typical customers

Small businesses
Mid size businesses
Large enterprises

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Support options

Phone Support
Email/Help Desk

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One-time payment

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Reporting & Statistics
Data Import/Export
Customizable Reports
Billing & Invoicing
Financial Management
Accounts Payable

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