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OCRex AutoRec

Bank reconciliation software for SMBs

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OCRex AutoRec overview

AutoRec is a bank reconciliation software for accountancy practitioners and bookkeepers. The software can also be used for general data extraction.

AutoRec automates the process of performing bank reconciliation & statement analysis from paper bank and credit card statements and quickens the preparation of accounts for incomplete records clients. AutoRec can replace labour intensive processing and data-entry tasks for accountants and bookkeepers.

AutoRec builds upon Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and intelligent data cleansing to significantly reduce work time. AutoRec is used internationally by nearly 1,000 accountancy firms in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. OCREX also provides OCR software and integration solutions for different document types to provide significant time and labour cost savings for customers.


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Australia, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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OCRex AutoRec screenshot: Data extracted from scanned documents is displayed in an AutoRec spreadsheet AutoRec Software from OCRexOCRex AutoRec screenshot: AutoRec will read each scanned page image and automatically detect what bank statement type it isOCRex AutoRec screenshot: As users hover over figures on the spreadsheet, the corresponding section of the scanned document is shownOCRex AutoRec screenshot: Clicking "Recognise Document" prompts AutoRec to scan the document and extract data

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Arash Shab

You have to beg them to issue you invoice

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Reviewed 2019-01-25
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As a software brilliant As support and purchasing credit last awful

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OCRex AutoRec pricing

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Bronze: £99.00/year.

- 1 user. 125 pages per year.

Silver: £299.00/year

- 2 users. 500 pages per year.

Gold: £649.00/year

- 3 users. 2000 pages per year.

Platinum: £999.00/year

- 5 users. 5000 pages per year.

Extra users are £39/month each. AutoRec packages include full, online training sessions and support.

OCRex AutoRec features

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Additional information for OCRex AutoRec

Key features of OCRex AutoRec

  • Extract data from paper or PDF statements
  • Receipts analysis
  • Export data to other software packages
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Account reconciliation
  • Data collection
  • Revenue audit preparation
  • Customer accounts
  • Dashboard
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AutoRec automates the extraction of data from scanned images and PDF files of bank and credit card statements.

Accountants are able to scan clients' bank statements on a standard scanner, straight into a bank reconciliation spreadsheet.

AutoRec then verifies the accuracy of all scanned data, reading each scanned page image to identify what type of bank statement it is.

AutoRec extracts highly accurate data from scanned images of clients' paper bank documents or PDFs.

AutoRec can recognise and distinguish between dates, numbers, multi-line descriptions and cheque numbers accurately. The software recognises each cheque number presented on bank statements and even identifies and presents any missing cheque numbers.