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The End Of Wasted Spend

4.68/5 (283 reviews) use case: Edgar Felipe Calvillo Rogel

Edgar Felipe Calvillo Rogel

Verified Reviewer  
5th of July, 2016 - MX, REVIE

I think that the tool is easy to use, basic and efficient. You do not need more for the system of policies, checkings and control of expenses. I like that you have a personal record and the communication / update of the status of every number of order.

What do you like best?

You can attach files.PDF.XML and keeps you informed by email on the status of your orders.

What do you dislike?

It does not allow yourself to attach compressed files. Rar and .zip and you have to go through file to file.

Why did you end up selecting over other applications?

For ease of use of the tool is not as complex and always have access to old policies.

If so, why did you switch?

Why it had improvement between one application and another and growth and use of the application within the company .

What is your main use case with

To raise purchase orders, request refunds , payments to suppliers, etc.

Give one example how has improved the way your organization functions

It has a more adequate control of money as it passes through the filter or permits necessary people, as chiefs , directors hsta reach treasury . They can be administered / better manage resources

What is your ROI?

Better administration, ease of use, management , definitely worth it.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering

As soon as you raised the policy or your purchase order, it attaches all the documents so that you you do not have omission of some of them.

Time used

Less than 6 months

Frequency of use


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