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QuickBooks Online use case: Mark Levin CLU, CFP®, AIF®

Mark Levin  CLU, CFP®, AIF®

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28th of December, 2016
Nothing like QB Desktop

We are a financial Services company. We track our income and expenses on QB for 3 companies. We use the payroll features. We moved from QB to QBO in late Oct. That was a big mistake. The programs are similar at BEST. I later found out that the programmers are not the same and have never seen the QB desktop version. Biggest and yet simplest complaint, you cannot display the Company Match of the retirement plan on the pay stub. They will not fix it. As a business owner, I want my people to see the $$ that I am putting in for them. So at the end of the year, suddenly this information is dropped from their payroll and they are asking "what happened to the money you were putting in for us" The information is there, easy to get to, but these genius' don't realize how important that is. Additionally, there is no confirmation when you EFILE your tax payment. Also, the Payroll Liabilities do not show properly, very confusing. Not easy to "pay them" need to research the amount, write it down, then go to the check writing function and process through there even if you do a direct deposit. No way to pay VENDORS direct deposit, only payroll.

What do you like best?

Very inexpensive for the first year, I think we are a lab, guinea pigs and this is the BETA version.

What do you dislike?

Have sent FEEDBACK on my issues, which I believe are important and easy to fix. After 2 months and 4 feedbacks, nothing has changed. They are not listening. And based on the on-line reviews from this and other sites, the vast majority of their users are very dissatisfied.

Why did you end up selecting QuickBooks Online over other applications?

Thought it would be better for backup and networking and universal connectivity

If so, why did you switch?

we went back to Desktop version after 2 months of terrible support and features. The support people and programmers do not have a complete understanding of basic accounting and business needs. Terrible program and support

Give one example how QuickBooks Online has improved the way your organization functions

It was a disaster and waste of time. At least 6 times I had support on the phone for over 1 hour each time. The agents do not understand the program and they always need to put you on hold to get and answer that goes into 10 - 20 min holds. The program is not properly designed and NOTHING like the QB desktop version. Terrible program and support

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We finally canceled it and went back to desk top version after 2 months of HELL. Probably stay away from this version, they are very unresponsive.

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