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Web-based automated spend analytics platform

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RA.Pid overview

RA.Pid, the industry's first and only web-based Automated Spend Analytics Platform (W-ASAP), pushes spend data and contextual information to you and your colleagues simultaneously via a shared portal, without manual intervention. RA.Pid is delivered to customers as a service. It's that simple and intuitive it's nearly unbelievable. Just ask our customers.


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Spend analysis should be accessible to everyone regardless of expertise, resources or budget. We offers customers two affordable versions of RA.Pid

RA.Pid features

API (189 other apps)
Accounting Integration (129 other apps)
Accounting Management (124 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (130 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (114 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (131 other apps)
Compliance Management (90 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (101 other apps)
Data Import/Export (110 other apps)
Electronic Payments (117 other apps)
Expense Tracking (123 other apps)
Financial Analysis (89 other apps)
Invoice Management (178 other apps)
Invoice Processing (105 other apps)
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Real Time Data (112 other apps)
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Reporting & Statistics (146 other apps)
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Key features of RA.Pid

  • Role-Based Reports
  • Personalized Information
  • Export Presentations
  • Fast, High ROI
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Real-time collaborative platform
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Real Software-as-a-Service
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RA.Pid's suite of advanced analytics allows your business or organization to become operational within a few weeks achieving an ROI as quick as eight weeks. The total cost of ownership is lower than traditional spend analysis solutions because of the SaaS delivery model and affordable pricing structure.

The award-wining RA.Pid platform streamlines - and standardizes - internal processes to drive business performance, including significantly reducing the time and resources needed to turn data into value-added spend intelligence for use by everyone within an organization.

Role-Based Reports
Empower users to make decisions
in minutes, not hours
Customized Dashboards
For a personalized view on spend intelligence and performance
Personalized Information
Tailor your spend intelligence
to your needs
Real-time collaborative
Share your reports, ideas and recommendations with colleagues
Export Presentations
Easily share data using standard
file templates
Predictive Analytics
Drive smarter decision using real-time "what if" scenarios
Fast, High ROI
Deliver an ROI of 500% due to automated efficiencies
Real Software-as-a-Service
Rapid deployment, set and transparent prices