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Web-based billing for small and mid-sized businesses

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Rapid-Billing overview

Rapid-Billing™ - your own BILLING SYSTEM...streamline your billing!
Rapid-Billing™ Billing software system is the most sophisticated web based billing system available in the billing industry today. Rapid-Billing™ has been designed especially for small & midsized businesses. Rapid-Billing™ is the most reliable, flexible and scalable billing software that helps streamline billing while considerably reducing operating costs.

Rapid-Billing™ is a complete solution for your business billing and recurring billing. Don’t wait to check out automated billing for your business --- TRY IT FOR FREE today!
Rapid-Billing™ - the features, flexibility, and functionality

Create your Invoices
Create your Invoices online with simple easy to use interface then email it to your customers or download a PDF version or even print a copy of it to send by snail mail.

Automate your Billing
Set up recurring billing for your clients and let Rapid-Billing do the work and collect your money, every month, every week or other intervals you select. Its so flexible...

Get Daily Reports
You can see a snapshot of your business any given time in your dashboard. Daily Invoice totals, payment totals, how customers are paying you, Past Due invoices and much more.

Get Paid Online
Send your customers to your online billing site where they can see their invoices, payments and account history. They can even pay for their invoices online.

Automatically Notify Customers
Set up automated reminders to notify your customers to pay you on time. Remind them that their invoices are past due. Just set them up and let Rapid-Billing™ do the dirty work for you.

Calculate Monthly Sales Tax
You can run a report to calculate your sales tax is a breeze. Select date range and click Go! Viola! Your sales tax report is ready which used to take hours to create before Rapid-Billing.

Setting up your Rapid-Billing™ is easy too. just like 1, 2, 3...
1. Set up Tax rate
2. Set up Payment Methods
3. Set up templates
4. Create Reminders


You are ready to go. Enjoy Rapid-Billing™


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 5 other markets, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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Rapid-Billing pricing

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No Contract, No Risk! If you are not happy with the service or simply you have changed your mind. Cancel your account with in the 30 days from your control panel, email us or call us and we will refund your money.
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50 $6.95
250 $29
500 $39
2500 $69
5000 $99

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Rapid-Billing features


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Key features of Rapid-Billing

  • PCI Compliant
  • Create Invoices, Customers, New Service Item
  • Accept Credit Cards or PayPal only
  • Predefined Communication Templates (All customizable)
  • Create ARB (Automated Recurring Billing) instructions
  • Online Account Statements
  • Set up Tax Rates | Set up Reminders | Currency Settings
  • Import Export Customers | Export Invoices, Statements
  • Print All Invoice
  • Export Invoices, Statements


Rapid-Billing™ - FREE Billing Software for Non-profit Organization
Are you an approved 501 C3 nonprofit organization? Great news; Rapid-Billing is FREE for you to manage your Nonprofit’s billing and recurring donations online up-to 500 customers ($39/mo savings). Do you have more than 500 customers? No problem you will receive a 50% discount on Platinum and Titanium plans.

Simply sign up for a free account and then fax us your 501 C3 documents and we will manually upgrade your plan to GOLD FREE OF CHARGE.

Send your Faxes to:
Rapid-Billing NonProfit program
(727) 388-3955

* Free of cost upto 5 customers
* Unlimited Invoicing
* Compared to Low cost
* Automatically Notify Customers
* Get Paid Online
* Automate your Billing
* Get Daily Reports
* Calculate Monthly Sales Tax