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Cloud-based financial planning, consolidation and reporting

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Rephop overview

Rephop is a cloud-based software solution that provides financial planning, consolidation and reporting functions within an intuitive online workspace. Designed to cater for rapidly developing and changing businesses operating within multinational groups, the product is favored by users already deploying different accounting software across multiple locations. Rephop claims to quickly aggregate all this financial information to improve visibility and reporting.

With much of the typical planning, consolidation and reporting activities around financials still being performed within spreadsheets, there is often an associated risk. Control over what data is being inserted is usually minimal to none while most of this work is done by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) alone, all of which contributes to a traditionally ineffective and expensive process. As Rephop is not priced on an individual license or user basis, access can be given to the managers and accountants of each subsidiary in order to delegate the responsibility back to the entity level and save the valuable and expensive time of the group CFO. Reporting features include customized layouts conveying varying levels of stakeholder information, giving sufficient information for each manager to make accurate business decisions more timely. Actual versus planned options then show valuable comparisons between current results and those predicted, while standalone and group reporting offers filtered views of centralized data on any device.


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Rephop screenshot: Reconcile intra-group transactions for automatic consolidation eliminationsRephop screenshot: Consolidation view with elimination information, showing income statement by functionRephop screenshot: Defined eliminations for historic eliminations to be automatically eliminated in consolidationRephop screenshot: Reporting view with several built-in reports and the opportunity to create custom layoutsRephop screenshot: Budget view includes intra-group transaction elimination for accuracyRephop screenshot: Group structure view provides the ability to see the entities included within groupsRephop screenshot: Automatic currency translations and conversions Rephop screenshot: Pro-forma statement gives the opportunity to create non-formal consolidation data when viewing business line resultsRephop screenshot: Record all group structure transactions to be automatically calculated within the consolidation processRephop screenshot: Create rules-based Models calculations to automate financial planning functionsRephop screenshot: Generate automatic calculation rules for cash flow statements, etc.

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Monthly fee priced per the whole group, giving access to unlimited users.

Rephop features

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Additional information for Rephop

Key features of Rephop

  • User access controls
  • Approval process controls
  • Audit trailing
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow statements
  • Balance sheet
  • Income statements
  • Customizable reporting
  • Data import / export
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Multi-country support
  • Multi-location support
  • Financial planning tools
  • Financial consolidation
  • Financial forecasting
  • Multi-company support
  • Predictive modeling
  • Financial analysis
  • Data filtering
  • Pro-forma reports
  • Intragroup reconciliations
  • NCI calculation
  • Currency translations
  • Periodic reporting
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Rephop is a financial planning, consolidation and reporting solution, suitable for handling intragroup business users, with system setup taking less than 4 hours, regardless of existing accounting software already in use.

Rephop has automated internal controls and automated consolidation features such as those for non-controlling interest calculations, automatic currency conversions, amortizations etc.

Consolidation features enable intragroup transactions to be reconciled in one place, along with the viewing of a broad selection of statements and the definition of automatic eliminations.

Use financial or non-financial data to build unlimited planning models or import those created in Excel with Rephop's budgeting and forecasting tools, automating the planning process.

Built-in reporting capabilities provide customizable reports and layouts, pro-forma reports options and the ability to generate "plan versus actual" reports for specified periods.