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Enhance the AR and collection activities

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suCollect overview

What is suCollect?

Application software that runs on a web server (IIS + SQL), accessed by the user through a web browser.

Efficient collection management
Pro-active Collection (prior to due date): send monthly statements at beginning of month and courtesy emails for invoice receipt confirmation.
Reactive Collection (past due date): dunning letters customized and triggered.
Recording all follow-up activities with external and internal customers, reflecting their responses, commitments and tracking the customer reactions (payment/query/no response).

Customer risk control
Obtain, by periods, all the information of overdue and non-due bills.
Register credits and bank guarantees.
Associate all kinds of documents such as payment letters, credit notes, guarantees, etc. to the client, credit, guarantees and invoices.
If you integrate your invoice files (PDF, Word, XML, XSIG, ...), you can have direct access to them, and attach them in emails.

Dispute management
Open disputes about discrepancies with clients, assigning a person in charge and establishing a resolution flow according to the type of incident.

Three options to import customer data, contacts, invoices and invoice lines: with connectors (for immediate online access), automatic(by scheduled dump), and manually (by uploading Excel or CSV files)


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English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
suCollect screenshot: All information about overdue and non-due bills (configurable periods)suCollect screenshot: Efficient collection management: pro-active Collection (prior to due date) and reactive Collection (past due date). Recording all follow-up activities.suCollect screenshot: All the information you need per client.

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4 months free trial

suCollect features

Accounting Integration
Activity Dashboard
Customizable Reports
Data Import/Export
Invoice Management
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integrations
Workflow Management

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Efficient collection management
Customer risk control
Dispute management
Multi-company and multi-language