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Taulia offers a range of solutions to help streamline all your supply chain financing and invoicing activities. It helps to speed up ordering processes, as well as to improve communication among buyers and suppliers. You can use the online application to share information with your suppliers such as purchase orders, invoice statuses, approvals and payment remittance details. Advanced Shipping Notice allows suppliers to track in-transit goods. Suppliers can use the tool to message customers and to send electronic invoices.

Taulia also enables you to on-board new suppliers and to manage current supplier records. The creation of new supplier records can be automated using the app, and suppliers can upload and edit their information on an on-going basis. Taulia helps reduce costs for all parties by allowing your suppliers to make early payments. Suppliers can use the Cash Planner tool to decide which invoices to pay first to maximize cash requirement needs. Enhanced Discounting by Taulia ensures suppliers capture maximum discounts.


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Steve Gilmartin

An excellent solution for invoice management--make the supplier do it!

Used occasionally for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-01-16
Review Source: Capterra

Pushing invoice management and matching, including supplier information management (1099 and ACH updates, e.g.) back upstream to the supplier is an easy, cost effective way to save labor in AP and increase accuracy

It can be a difficult thing to sell internally because this piece by itself doesn't do all that much compared to a more comprehensive solution such as dynamic discounting and supplier finance, which takes greater investment and understanding. It needs to be a vocabulary lesson, first.

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Electronic Payments

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Key features of Taulia

  • Taulia Collaborate™
  • Supplier invoice submission
  • Cash Planner™
  • Supplier info management
  • CashFlow™
  • Supplier on-boarding
  • Enhanced Discounting
  • Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) services
  • ERP system integration
  • Order Connect™
  • Electronic payments
  • Early payment discounting
  • Supplier Finance™
  • Dynamic discounting
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Automatic invoice tax compliance
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Taulia Collaborate™ - Real-time communication platform to carry out and store discussions with suppliers.

Cash Planner™ - Suppliers can use this tool to prioritize their payments and decide which invoices to send first.

CashFlow™ - Suppliers can use this tool to auto-accept early payments on invoices as soon as they are approved.

Supplier Finance™ - This solution includes Dynamic Discounting, and helps manage the cash flow process across the supply chain.

Order Connect™ - This end-to-end solution allows you to manage the entire procure-to-pay process, improving communication among suppliers and buyers on all activities, from ordering to delivery.

Enhanced Discounting - This solution allows you to offer customized discounting packages to all your suppliers. You can choose between using your own capital, that of a 3rd party, or both.

Advanced Shipping Notice - This service can be used to notify suppliers of goods, materials and shipments that are in transit.