Tonbeller Features


IT-based Anti-Money Laundering Software

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Tonbeller Feature Summary

  • Sanction List Monitoring and Person Checks
  • Coverage of all statutory requirements
  • Securities Compliance for Financial Institutions
  • Full check of customers and their transactions
  • Comprehensive view on customer-related risk
  • Multi-clients and multi-lingual user interfaces
  • Know Your Customer applicant screening
  • Standard modules and flexible adjustment options
  • Business Partner Due Diligence
  • Easy integration with banking system
  • Risk Management and Controlling
  • 100% audit-proof documentation
  • IT Tools for Corporate Management
  • Dedicated solutions for insurance companies
  • Money-laundering alerts
  • Best-practice money-laundering check scenarios
  • Case management functionality
  • Invalidating or filing a suspicion activities report (SAR)

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