How to track account usage and additional options in TRACT


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How to track account usage and additional options in TRACT

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dan (TRACT)

Dan: One thing to note is activity allowances, I can hit view ang again if you remember we were looking at the allowances and overdues for the coffee club membership, you can expose this information out the web in ... time so that someone can actually access this information via the web to see how much their allowances or their different buckets or different tiers of usage they have and how much they have available, how much they've used up and what their remaining balance is and so forth. Again, we're looking at these different services - we have the coffee club membership and if I expand this I see this service idetifier Carl, again if you think of this CCM or coffee club membership as a phone service, this service identifier called Carl is essentially the phone number, so again that's how you're tracking the usage. And again we can do any type of credit adjustments, debit adjustments so forth. We could see all the invoices historically, we can get PDFs of these right away if the account calls and they said they didn't receive their last invoice, I can click resend and it will automatically resend via email as well. Historical data of orders as well as contacts we see Carl Perkins here is the accounts payable representative over there. And it should be noted as well at the bottom of every screen within Tract is an audit trail as well, so here we see the complete history to date of this specific account from creation to today. So it's essential cradle on the grave, this entire screen is cradle the grave of this account, Carl