Learn about the dashboards options in TRACT


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Learn about the dashboards options in TRACT

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Dan (TRACT)

Dan: Again we have the ability to work with you during the elimination process and one of those custom types of dashboard that you want to see up on a big screen or room or to have it automatically emailed to you or just available at the touch of a button. So here's just an example where I have for te past six months, my total order amounts, the average order size broken down at product type and you see if I highlight this, I get a quick overview and I can click on this and drill down. For AR purposes, I can see my open invoice amount, I can breakdown all my accounts by country or even like a scattered plot like this, I can break it down by zip codes, so you can get very granular with the usage as well. So again that's sort of a 100,000 foot quick overview of the Tract platform.